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  1. Has anyone used Cool Math Guy's courses, but in particular Statistics? I am looking for a Stats class for my son as our DE plans had a big hiccup this year. I hate being in scrambling mode when he usually has started his courses by now. Any reviews on Cool Math Guy's courses overall are appreciated as well. I would like to know how their tutoring is and what it consists of, since I will not be able to help him out a lot with this subject. Thank in advance.
  2. It seems that the few schools I have looked at here in Oklahoma accept two years of computer technology instead of a foreign language. At least that is how I am understanding what I am reading. Here is what one of them states, and it seems about the same as the others I looked at: High School Curricular Core Requirements for First-time Freshman 4 units of English taken from grammar, composition and literature only 3 units of college prep math (4 recommended) Taken from algebra I, algebra II, geometry, trigonometry, math analysis, calculus, or Advanced Placement (AP) Statistics 3 units of laboratory science (4 recommended) (does not include general science, with or without a lab) one year of principles of technology may substitute for one of the lab science courses, provided that the student also completes a traditional lab science course 3 units of history and citizenship to include one unit of American history and two additional units from the subjects of history, economics, geography, government, non-western culture 2 additional units from any of the subjects previously listed or computer science or foreign language. Two years of the same foreign language will satisfy the University's foreign language general education requirement. Any AP course not already used to satisfy the curricular units mentioned previously may be used to satisfy the two additional units except AP courses in Studio Art or International English Coursework in music, art, drama or speech is also recommended. Can someone correct me if I am wrong.
  3. What type of classes fall under this "umbrella?" I am just asking about the words in red. The rest was just for clarification. What computer courses would fill this two year requirement for a language? What would you feel definitely would NOT? "Foreign or non-English language (two years of the same language) or Computer technology (two units in programming, hardware and business computer applications, such as word processing, databases, spreadsheets and graphics, will qualify; keyboarding or typing classes do not qualify) (1 foreign language and 1 computer course will not meet this requirement.)"
  4. It has been enough for my sons. We used the first 4 levels of the Well Trained mind, then R&S before switching to IEW, so they had a firm foundation for IEW to build on. I don't know how it would have gone without it. The knew and could define terms before IEW, but IEW really helped them to put it into use.
  5. If your younger child has good reading comprehension, I would go with the older level SWi-?. IMO it is very easy to adapt IEW levels to a younger child-much easier than to bump it up for an older child. You would just not give the younger item as many things on his check list that he needs to have in his writing until he is ready for it. As for Fix-It, I started both of my sons at the beginning. I probably could have started my oldest at the second level, but I wouldn't have wanted to throw him in at an any higher level than that. My son was a couple years younger than your oldest when he started, though.
  6. If you end up finishing the first 90 lessons of Saxon's Advanced Algebra you would have a full credit course called "Geometry with Advanced Algebra" Upon finishing the rest of the book and the first 25 lessons of Saxon's Calculus Course, you would have a full credit called "Trigonometry and Pre-Calculus." At least that is how I understand it. There is a link here: http://www.homeschoolwithsaxon.com/onlinevideo.php
  7. I would love a pinned area. I almost never can find an old post if I didn't think I needed to follow it at the start. When you say 1 day on each section, are your talking 3.1. 3.2, etc and not chapters, correct? I think that would be doable for him. A total of 4-6 days for review and challenge should work. He seldom gets the challenge problems in less than two days, but he can fly through the review enough to balance that out. Was I understanding you properly? Oh, and we school year round except for June when we are gone to camps as much as we're home, so that shouldn't be a problem either.
  8. Thank you, everyone! This is exactly what I needed to know. I am feeling much more comfortable with what to put on a transcript and with him having the amount of math he needs before finishing high school. I love these boards.
  9. Thank you! That sounds like what I read. My son started the book about a month ago, and I am hoping he finishes it before the end of his 8th grade year (next year). Does that sound doable? I can count all classes taught at a high school level on his transcript in the state I am in, which is why I am thinking about his transcript. The AoPS classes are named differently than traditional high school texts and that can make it confusing on how to put them on a transcript and still how the depth of what was taught. This boy has always been attracted to future careers that are math/science heavy, and I feel very, very unqualified to guide him.
  10. I have such a hard time searching these boards for things I know I have read about in the past. I am fairly certain I read that AoPS's "Introduction to Algebra" book covered a traditional Algebra 1 course before the completion of the book. Am I remembering this correctly? If this is so, how do you do transcripts? Is the rest of this book and "Intermediate Algebra" together Algebra 2, or more than? As you can tell this confuses me a bit. :confused1: I love homeschooling. I wasn't prepared to be a guidance counselor. :crying: :lol:
  11. Thank you SO much, Regentrude. This whole post has been very, very helpful! I was worried about how long it takes to get through the AoPS books, but the things listed here make me feel much, much better.
  12. Okay. A quick look through shows that they seem quite different. The answers in the solution manual don't match up to the questions in the book. =( The seller had offered it to me at a reduced price. I was trying to decide if it was in my best interest.
  13. How do you do grading when using this curriculum since it doesn't come with tests? This is the first year that he is old enough to have things count on his transcript where I live, so I have not worried about grades for him until now. TIA
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