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Is it possible

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to hire someone to come up with ALL the details of a vacation.


I know planning a vacation is part of the fun. Really, the most I want to do is look at the pictures in a book about it or watch a video. I do those sorts of things any time I do anything new with the children (you should have seen our research before taking them to a movie for the first time).


But really, we will end up not going if I have to work out the details myself. It is that bad.

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Well, I've planned tons of trips down to all the details. If you have any specific questions, like where/how to find the best hotels, lodging for a big family, restaurants, routes, public transportation schedules, etc., you can ask me. :)

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Travel agencies have plenty of options and pre-planned trips.


Depending on your destination, (places like Disney World) have plenty of packages available that include everything from hotel, food, tickets, etc. Their planning part is free; you just pay for the package.

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