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MFW Adventures or?

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OK, I am brain fried at looking at curriculum, please help me decide.....


My DS just turned 7 and we have just finished MFW 1st (although we didn't use their math all the way through)


Now, I am getting ready to buy MFW Adventures (and it's LA suggestion) and use it with Math Mammoth..... Unless someone could suggest a better program(s) for 2nd grade.


Thank you!

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Another vote for MFW Adventures here.


My advice would be to look at their long-term plan for the five year cycle and see if that's the direction you want to head. If not, you can change after Adventures, but Adventures gives a good overview of American History, if that is important to you.

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I'm trying to decide about using MFW Adventures also. I'm really drawn to WP, but they have so many negative reviews. I'm concerned about the book basket with MFW though since we are overseas and don't have access to a large library system.




you might consider emailing MFW's office and asking them to send you their suggestions for overseas and libraries. the authors of MFW lived in Siberia and Moscow, and had to deal with similar things when they were on missions field. maybe some of their ideas would help? book basket is very flexible and you dont' have to have every book on the list or even the exact books listed. a few links to articles... or a few novels here and there... buy some book packages on topics from other sources.

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