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  1. I'm considering using Vol 2 of the updated Streams of Civilization for World History. It appears that the teacher's guide is simply an answer key so I'm wondering how easy it is to get through this textbook in a year. I've never used Streams before but hear good things about it. I'd like a weekly schedule, but I've been doing this homeschooling thing long enough to schedule it out myself as long as I know how realistic it is to cover in a year. I'm thinking we could spend 2 weeks on each chapter since there are 17 chapters. Any thoughts?
  2. I'm looking for options for earth science for next year. We are over Apologia and need something different. Earth science would be perfect for my daughter who doesn't need a lab or anything math heavy. She's already taken biology and chemistry. I see that DIVE advertises that earth sciences can be used in high school if you use the quarterly exams and have your student chose a topic each unit to write about. Any thoughts on whether this is high school level?
  3. I noticed that MBtP Level 1 is recommended for 9th/10th grade. Any problems using this for 11th grade?
  4. Looking for reviews on MBtP. The high school level is fairly new. Anyone have any experience using this? Thank you!
  5. Your welcome! Heart of Dakota uses Bennett's books for U.S. History. You might want to checkout their website to see how they use it.
  6. So does Conceptual Chemistry not cover any math? Friendly Chemistry does include some.
  7. Woops! Yes, I meant conceptual chemistry. I edited my post. Thank you!
  8. Does anyone know how these two compare? I have Apologia which I think would be too difficult for my daughter. I bought Friendly Chemistry which I think might be too easy. I'm now considering Conceptual Chemistry with MicroChem labs.
  9. Have you looked at William Bennett's, America: The Last Best Hope, Volume II? It once had an option for online companion materials for students and teachers, called the Roadmap, but I'm not sure if that part is still available.
  10. I've observed two approaches to the scheduling of govt. Taken concurrently with US History Or Senior year with a semester each of Govt and Econ Is one more advantageous? Does the timing really matter? My 9th grader is finishing up ancients and instead of moving onto world history like I had originally planned, we've decided to do US history. We are homeschooling independently in California and while I don't have any intention of enrolling her in a charter or brick and mortar school, I was told that some schools require that govt/econ be taken senior year. I don't know how true that is, but am throwing it out there in case it needs to be a consideration. Any thoughts?
  11. I agree with Lori in guessing that the instructors are Christian. The two classes that we've had experience with did not have any Christian content.
  12. I see that Lori D. has already listed Lantern English. I just wanted to chime in to say that my daughter has taken two courses with Lantern and I've been pleased with the content and feedback. I love how easy it is to fit an 8 week class into our year and plan on enrolling my daughter in more classes in the future.
  13. I'm a big fan of HOD. My daughter used the guides from CTC through MtMM for grades 5-8. It is a solid curriculum with rich living books. The reason we went with HOD is that each guide targets a specific age and skill set. I've never heard of HOD being questioned for not being enough, but quite the opposite. While we used the middle guides pretty much as written, we will probably modify the high school guides which are often said to be too full. I love the detailed teacher guide and find it easy to cut things if necessary. Some would rather have less and add in stuff so it depends on your preference. It's hard to find a curriculum package that's going to cover everything to your liking and to meet your child's needs. For me, HOD was the closest thing to checking all the boxes.
  14. Is there a preferred format for high school transcripts? My oldest graduated from an online charter school in California and her final transcript was broken down by semester. I followed the same format when I graduated my middle daughter. Now that my youngest is in high school, I'm wondering if I can simply things by creating a transcript that only shows her final grades for each year. FWIW and I don't know if it really matters, but she will likely be applying only to private Christian universities in California. Any thoughts? Thank you!
  15. I’m looking at Fascinating Physics. It is an online, non-lab, basic physics course. Only basic algebra is required. I don’t know if we will go this route. I don’t have any experience with it. I came across it in the list of options for Homeschool High School Physics on this forum. I believe it refers to it as “almost junior high” level. https://fascinatingeducation.com/try-fascinating-physics/
  16. Thanks for the suggestions! We live overseas so I’m not sure about dual enrollment or if my daughter holds an interest in physics. When I asked her today, she said she’s leaning toward marine biology.
  17. We are using Lantern English for this very reason. I’m not confident in evaluating my daughter’s writing plus and I think she puts forth more effort and receives feedback better from someone other than me. We did Essay Basics last year and are currently doing Growing the Essay. My daughter’s teacher offers helpful feedback and I’m thankful to take this off my plate.
  18. You’re correct. She will need at least two sciences with lab, but that will already be covered with biology and chemistry. If we do physics, I’m not sure that we’d do the labs. I’m thinking that Environmental Science might be a better fit for her.
  19. I'm trying to figure out what to do for my non -mathy daughter who thinks she might want to either be a middle school history or English teacher. She did well with Apologia Physical Science in 8th grade. (I honestly wish that I would have saved it for 9th grade then I might not be trying to figure out which science to do next.) She is working through Apologia Biology and Algebra 1 this year (9th grade) and will do Friendly Chemistry and Geometry next year (10th grade). I don't have the ability to teach physics and I know the math would be a huge stumbling block. I'm considering Hewitt Conceptual Physics, but still doubt my ability to successfully implement it. I'm also considering Fascinating Physics' online course, but don't see it mentioned very often. Is Fascinating Physics enough for high school? I've thought about doing the online course and having her read through Hewitt. I'm wondering if I should just skip physics all together and do something else. I feel like we need something in the realm of physical science for transcript purposes. If not physics then what should she take? Also just wanted to add that the universities where my daughter will be applying are not super competitive. Any suggestions? TIA!!! ☺
  20. Adding that E-book (if it’s available is preferred since I live overseas. I saw that Rainbow Resource carries the book in print. 😊
  21. I read in an old post that this is now in E-book format. I can’t seem to find it anywhere. Does anyone know if this is still available? Thank you!
  22. We live overseas so I usually have to plan way ahead. My 10th grader will be doing: World History and Bible (My Father's World) English /British Literature (My Father's World and Lantern expository writing class) Spanish (A Beka) Chemistry (Friendly Chemistry with some living books and extra labs) Geometry (Teaching Textbook) Logic (Art of Argument and Fallacy Detective)
  23. So it looks like the two textbooks are similar. Does anyone know if I could use the high school tests if I have for the college textbook?
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