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Robert Redford pie?

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I'd like a slice, please.


I used to adore Mel Gibson pie, but now I am deathly allergic to it. Such a pity.


Me too. I wish celebrities would just not talk sometimes.


Is it wrong to have Robert Redford pie in bed? You know, a little midnight snack. :001_smile:

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dd asked me once why I liked the movie The Great Gatsby when I hated the book. I told her "2 words, Robert Redford" I then told her she was insane not to think he was handsome in that movie.


p.s. never heard of Robert Redford pie, just could not let this thread pass without posting a comment lol


Have you seen the old Twilight Zone where he plays Death? So pretty. Prettier than LL's new boots, even!

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We used to have this in College as a special dessert. I believe the official name is "The Next Best Thing to Robert Redford".


Yummy (to both).

Oh yeah, I remember that name!


I've had this and never heard the RR reference! Maybe it was because it was making the rounds at my church when I was a kid.


I do remember that people used to make it with different types of pudding.


OP...maybe it means butter pecan instant pudding?

Never heard of that, but it sounds yummy!
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