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Do I need to go in?

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I have posted that we have all had the flu since we left for vacation.......well, mine seems to have taken a weird turn.


I am better. No fever anymore, I can get up and around, eat, etc....


But I am still having trouble breathing. I can feel the girgling in my lungs when I breath.


I had pneumonia 2 years ago and this seems a little bit like that although not nearly as severe.


It is very painful to cough....pain in my chest.



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Agree on going in. The one time I had (really, really bad) pneumonia, it started with the flu. My pulmonary Dr. said that it's a common chain of events; the immune system is busy fighting off the influenza virus, so the pneumococcal bacteria in the lungs grow out of control. :glare: Best to get treated ASAP.

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It seems to have cleared considerably today.


It was every time I breathed in while I was lying down.




Does the "gurgling" clear when you cough? Are you getting anything up when you cough?


I'm so sorry you are so sick!! I'd probably go in if I were you.



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