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    Set includes Exploring America 1 & 2, American Voices, Quiz & Exam Book, and Quiz & Exam Answer Key Covers are fairly worn (as shown) but insides are mostly unmarked, except for the Quiz & Exam Book (many pages written in pencil). Nonsmoking cat-friendly home. I accept Venmo and PayPal.


  2. You can use all of your own courses, and the Theology does not need to be *Catholic* theology. (We're not Catholic, so in B's case it isn't.) I don't know that one can completely eliminate the Theology component, however. You could always call and ask? I've called to ask questions a couple of times and have always reached somebody helpful. HTH
  3. Are you looking at Kolbe's online course pricing? I use Kolbe for my oldest ds currently, and we're not paying anywhere near that amount. Here's a link with the fee schedule:http://www.kolbe.org/enroll/enrollment-types/full-enrollment/ Good luck figuring out which way to go! The pay-for-transcript v do-it-myself question is one I wonder/worry about pretty regularly! :P
  4. I've lately been following this blogger on facebook: http://gokaleo.com/ She had (has?) PCOS as well & has managed to lose a lot of weight & keep it off. She's very anti-guru/anti-gimmick and encourages doing movement you love and eating enough but not too much.
  5. Agree on going in. The one time I had (really, really bad) pneumonia, it started with the flu. My pulmonary Dr. said that it's a common chain of events; the immune system is busy fighting off the influenza virus, so the pneumococcal bacteria in the lungs grow out of control. :glare: Best to get treated ASAP.
  6. This is what we do, too. Haven't had a problem with eating chocolate early. Probably because I keep the calendars on top of the fridge. :D
  7. :iagree: Also, this reminds me of a story famous in dh's family. One summer MIL decided to make a yummy drink for her kidlets. She called it "Apple Red" and had big plans to market it & get rich off of it (common theme with MIL :D). The ingredients were apple juice, red kool-aid, and several cups of sugar. :001_huh: Dh's older brother drank some & passed out right away. And that was the end of apple red. :tongue_smilie:
  8. If you both like Lial's, why not continue on with Lial's Introductory Algebra? Both the book and solutions manual (for older editions...e8 for example) are plentiful and inexpensive on Amazon marketplace. :)
  9. Sprouting. Even soaking/repeatedly rinsing/cooking with kombu & ginger/ eating beans frequently I have *issues*. (Also, Beano doesn't seem to do much for me. However, when I sprout my beans before cooking them, I can digest them much more easily. :blushing:
  10. I'm in my 30s & don't mind the word. Don't say it much anymore, though, as dh was raised not to say it and finds it crude. He says "poot", which I've gotten used to. Really dislike toot & fluff (& the burp/cheese ones...ew!) My mom always called it "tootle" which I'm not overly fond of either. My 4yo niece says "poop gas" which is awful, but cracks me up, probably because of her way of saying things.
  11. Cream tuna: Make a white sauce using 3T butter, 3T flour, 1.5 c milk. Add 1/8 tsp each basil & cayenne, and about 1 c shredded cheddar (or whatever you like/have) cheese & stir until melted. Add 1 can drained tuna & 2 hard-boiled eggs. Yummy over biscuits. You can also add chopped bell pepper or other veggies to this, but this is how my family likes it. One of my kids' favorites. :)
  12. In case anyone cares, here's the duck recipe I mentioned: http://www.thehungrymouse.com/2009/02/11/the-best-way-to-roast-a-duck-hello-crispy-skin/ If you're lucky enough to live near an Asian market, get your duck there. In my area, the duck at the Asian market is about 1/3 the price the duck in the regular grocery store. It does include the head & feet, though, which I find a bit squicky, but I'd rather deal with extra body parts than pay 3x as much. ;)
  13. That sounds pretty awesome. I recently found a recipe for roasted duck that results in the most moist, crispy-skinned, non-greasy duck I've ever had, plus a nice amount of duck fat. Love me some duck-fat roasted veggies. :)
  14. A bit OT, but I just had to say that I hate it when people ask that ("have you figured out what causes it?") Ugh. I heard a great comeback to this from a woman at a hs thing last year. She said her response is to say, "Well, yeah. That's the best part!" :D Have also never heard of Marriage Encounter before. Off to gooooogle. :auto:
  15. Thank you! How is it I've never heard of this? :confused: It looks like it's available in my state, and may be just perfect for my rising 9th grader. I've sent an info request. :D
  16. Dh just found this & thought it was hilarious. Thought I'd share with the Hive. :D http://www.shopgreatproducts.com/new-mom-tea-zip-up-hoodie/
  17. I showed this to dh and he totally wants one for work. :001_smile:
  18. I buy both kinds. And the raw milk is different; it's much easier to shake. The cream on the pasteurized milk is thicker/stickier for some reason. Also, where does Trader Joe's sell non-homogenized milk? Haven't seen that at either of the locations near me. :glare:
  19. I love it! I may have to venture over to Port Orchard now... Could you pm me the stylist info? Your curl-level/type/texture is very much like mine. :001_smile:
  20. Rosie Rosalind Rhiannon Sophia Sophie Fiona Lori Lorelei Bonnie
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