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Would you keep this?

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I went to Nordie's today for new bras. I had the world's bossiest saleslady. I actually am really pleased with the bras. (I've been losing weight and I lost two bra sizes!) But she insisted and would not take no on me buying this pajama set. (I could have said no, of course but would have had to put steel in my voice to do so and since in one sense I like them I let her talk me into them.) They really are comfortable but I don't wear pajamas to bed. If I wore them they would be around the house and neighborhood and to the store. I have a tummy problem. Ds15 says that it makes me look pregnant but he wouldn't be embarrassed if I wore them out and about. What do you think? I can take them back. I don't want to take the tags off until I decide for sure.





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I can see that the drape or extra fabric across the belly does look like more of a maternity cut. But, I doubt I would have had that thought if you hadn't posted what your DS said.


It would bother me that I felt pressured to buy them though. I'd probably return them for that reason. Or, idk....sometimes I do want something but I hold back because I feel as if it is too much of a splurge. May e it was a splurge you wanted to do and she just helped nudge you in that direction??

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are they comfortable and do you like them?


for me, if i hesitate, then the answer is no, because if i really love something, i know it. and if i don't really love something, it doesn't get to come home and live with me.....





:iagree: If you like them, keep them. If you will always think of being wrangled into buying them, return them.

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It depends on whether or not you think you would wear them around the house since it's not the sort of thing you wear to bed. If you honestly think you'll wear them and you like them, yes. If you answer no to any of the above and ONLY bought them because you felt pressured, return them.


Congratulations on your weight loss! Going down 2 bra sizes is huge!

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