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Life of Frd Beginning Algebra question

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Would you recommend getting the 'Zillions of Practice Problems' book if it were supplementing Teaching Textbooks?



This is dd's math schedule:


Mon: TT lesson + Life of Fred

Tues: TT leson + Money Matters for teens then when that is done Survival Math

Weds: TT Lesson + Life of Fred

Thurs: TT Lesson + Life of Fred

Fri: TT lesson + Sudoku puzzle


So what do you think about the Zillions of Practice Problems. I do that the Humongous book of Algebra problems-- do you think that would work instead of the Zillions of Practice problems?

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I suspect LOF regular algebra book is challenge enough if you are using two full programs? Unless your child needs a TON of review. Of course, its likely that the LOF and the TT will cover different topics at different times . . .

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We're using LOF Beg Alg + the companion book as our standalone texts. Those have plenty of problems in them to be able to know he's got it down.


I don't see why you couldn't use the Zillion problems book as a supplement, but I probably wouldn't assign your dc every single problem.

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LOF Algebra is sufficient for students - unless they are struggling and need some extra practice. If you are doing TT as well any more would be overkill. I used to use TT and then switched when I discovered LOF ... my guess is if you are doing both your daughter my find TT a bit unexciting and bland - unless LOF isn't her style.

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No and here's why:


We used LoF when DD was really struggling with Algebra. She was very successful with this program. (We later "tested" her knowledge of Algebra as well to be sure.) She only used the Home Companion with it.




So, a struggling non-mathy child, did great in Beginning Algebra with only the Home Companion. But, I will add, we DID need the Home Companion. :)

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