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How did she get stuck in there?!?!

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I'm glad she's okay. I'm amazed at what toddlers can do.


My dd got her head stuck between the banisters on our stairs. I couldn't get the wooden rods apart far enough; luckily DH was home. He nearly had to break the rods for her to get her head out. We still don't know how she did it. The banisters were new and very close together.

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Poor baby! Glad she was okay, and hopefully doesn't feel the need to try that ever again.
I don't have high hopes. She was back to poking her fingers into every hole she saw within 24 hours, even while she was happily telling strangers, "I got my tiny little finger stuck in a tiny little hole in Mommy's big truck." :lol:
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Oh my, we had conversation after conversation about that very little hole in the truck when my boys were little. They had big fingers and could not get them stuck, but I figured the FD would need to get them out of that happened lol. Glad your munchkin is ok, and I hope she survives childhood with all of her fingers attached!

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