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  1. Thanks, all! I'll pass them on to her.
  2. All Knowing Hive, My niece is about to start Advance Life Support training, and is just finishing up a pre-course through the Red Cross. She says she had a hard time learning the material, "especially for ECG and arrhythmia." She's looking for something other than quizlet she can use to help her study. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  3. Missed posting last week while I babied my dying computer along to preserve my data until my new computer arrived. Everything seems to be safely transferred over, and I'm back in business. Let's see if I can find all my reads and listens, two week's worth, probably not in correct order. Thanks to Audible, I've "read" more fiction this year than I have in years. 24. "The Case of the Missing Marquess" by Nancy Springer. I put a hold on this right after I saw the movie, and it finally came in. Hopefully the hold I just placed on the second book doesn't take as long. 23. "Harry Potter u
  4. He's not sure what he wants to major in. He used to always say Mechanical Engineering, but he's not crazy about math. (He does okay with it, but doesn't like it.) We thought he might get started with General Studies and see what catches his interest most.
  5. For those who might have done both, if DS18 (2E) and I want to see if he's got the executive skills to handle college classes (we are looking at an online degree), would working through an open courseware class or two give us a realistic feel?
  6. I didn't know there were so many! I read "El Dorado" years ago, and I'm just finishing "I will repay." I find it funny every time she describes her heroines as having "tiny" hands. Even though I am a short woman, I have to buy gloves in the men's department to get them to fit. But the mobs in the street don't sound as foreign as they did when I first read her books 25 years ago. This line from "I will repay" sounded a little too real: "One word from Déroulède now would have caused an open riot, and in those days of self defence against the mob was construed into enmity against the pe
  7. More audio books this last week! 14. "Dead Man's Ranson" by Ellis Peters. Audible book. 13. "The Scarlet Pimpernel" by Baroness Orczy. Audible book. 12. "The Devil's Novice" by Ellis Peters. Audible book. 11. "The Sanctuary Sparrow" by Ellis Peters. Audible book. 10. "The Virgin in the Ice" by Ellis Peters. Audible book. 9. "Will My Cat Eat My Eyeballs?" by Caitlin Doughty. 8. "Law and Disorder: The Legendary Profiler's Relentless Pursuit of Justice" by John Doublas and Mark Olshaker. Audible book. 7. "The Leper of St. Giles" by Ellis Peters. Audible
  8. A few more for the week. I'm beginning to realize how many hours I spend on the computer -- doing genealogy mostly -- but now it's twice as productive! 10. "The Virgin in the Ice" by Ellis Peters. Audible book. This was the very first Cadfael book I ever read, years ago, the one that got me hooked! 9. "Will My Cat Eat My Eyeballs?" by Caitlin Doughty. Awesome questions and great answers! 8. "Law and Disorder: The Legendary Profiler's Relentless Pursuit of Justice" by John Doublas and Mark Olshaker. Audible book. These are mostly cases where they were able to prove the innocence
  9. I seem to be starting the year on a bit of a dark streak. Cathartic, maybe? 6. "The Cases That Haunt Us" by John Douglas and Mark Olshaker. Audible book. I think I read this in book form years ago. DH and I have been binge watching Criminal Minds, so it's cool to know they are at least using the correct terminology and basic concepts. 5. "From Here to Eternity: Travelling the World to Find the Good Death" by Caitlin Doughty. Fascinating! 4. "Not a Day Care: The Devastating Consequences of Abandoning Truth" by Dr. Everett Piper. Audible book. I assume his target audience is the p
  10. Somehow, I didn't know about Audible's Plus catalog. Now that I do, I downloaded a whole bunch of cozy's to listen to while I sit at the computer doing a not very mentally challenging data entry project. I already have two for 2021: 2. "St. Peter's Fair" by Ellis Peters. Audible book read by Johanna Ward. Cadfael has always been my favorite fictional detective! 1. "The Mysterious Mr. Quin: A Harley Quin Collection" by Agatha Christie. Audible book read by Hugh Fraser. I found the narrator's voice made me a bit drowsy, but enjoyed the stories anyway.
  11. I was just logging on to post almost the same thing! Something about the unusual circumstances of the year, I suppose, but I just have not had the focus to stick with a book all the way to the end. I haven't posted since June!!! And mostly because I didn't have much to post. But I have read or listened to a few others since June, so I'll add them. 38. "For the Love of Europe" by Rick Steves. I've listened to this while I I did a project on the computer and just finished it today. It has increased my wanderlust. 37. "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes: And Other Lessons from the Crematory"
  12. It's getting very hot, very quickly here. We don't have much energy for useful things, so reading is nice. 34. "I am Nujood, Age 10 and Divorced" by Nujood Ali and Delphine Minoui. Read this all in one sitting, it was so compelling. 33. "The Brave Learner" by Julie Bogart. Lots of take-aways here. We are at a point in homeschooling where we need to repair some relationships and relax some expectations. 32. "Spook" by Mary Roach. 31. "The American Revolution (Guts & Glory)" by Ben Thompson. I'm going to read th
  13. Now I'm trying to read too many books at once with all the books I grabbed a few weeks ago, but I finished two: 30. "Educated" by Tara Westover. 29. "Gulp" by Mary Roach. Simultaneously fascinating and gross! 28. "The Mormon Battalion: U.S. Army of the West" by Norma Baldwin Ricketts. 27. "Follow Me to Zion: Stories from the Willie Handcart Pioneers" by Andrew D. Olsen and Jolene S. Allphin (LDS). 26. "Sweetwater Rescue: The Willie and Martin Handcart Story" by Heidi Swinton and Lee Groberg (LDS).
  14. It was weird! and lovely! Our library has two wings connected by a bridge, and three stories in each wing. So six departments. I had books I wanted from five of those, plus the "books on hold" area. (The only section I didn't visit was Media.) So the list I got ready was all color coordinated and everything, so I could get everything I needed from each department all at once. I took a wheeled sample case so I could just tuck everything in as I went. I got every book I wanted and walked out with a minute to spare, but there was no time to browse. So that was new for me. I get some
  15. I get to go to the library today! They are open by appointment, for 45 minutes, with masks. They recommend a prepared list so you can get your books before you have to leave. Mine is ready!!! 28. "The Mormon Battalion: U.S. Army of the West" by Norma Baldwin Ricketts. A little hard to read, since she choose to make it be like a great big master journal, rather than a narrative, but very detailed and informative. She collected every journal and account she could find, and correlated the entries to create a day by day account of the march. 27. "Follow Me to Zion: Stories from the W
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