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My baby

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Ah yes, I know that feeling. I keep wishing DS4 could stay the way he is now forever. But, in fact, they do just keep on getting more and more wonderful as they get bigger, I think.


A very Happy Birthday to Josiah :party:. I hope you all have a wonderful day.



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is 8 today.




I told him he was NOT ALLOWED to get any older. ;)


He is such an incredible kid and we are so lucky to have him.


Happy Birthday Josiah!~


Awwww!! My baby is a Josiah too! And he's a March baby too! How funny. Mine is turning 11 though next week. :)


Happy birthday to your big boy. I know how you feel. I always thank God for my son. I don't know how I ever got so lucky. He's so wonderful. I can't imagine my life without him. ::001_wub:

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Happy Birthday, Josiah!


My 13yo just came and gave me a hug. I realized he's a full head taller than I am now. This time last year, I still had him by an inch or two. I made him promise to be my baby boy, no matter how tall he gets!

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Ha! I tell Moose all the time that he's not allowed to get any bigger. Then I tease him that he's being disobedient by still getting bigger. :D And why won't he at least TRY to obey mommy and stop growing?! :tongue_smilie:


He thinks it's hilarious. But honestly, it makes me just a touch sad. They grow up SO quick. :001_smile:


Happy birthday to your little one!

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