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  1. Thanks SO much everyone! To try to answer some questions: it is a 1 credit course. Dd wants to go to college and that's what we want also. She does not know what she wants to study in college. I'm trying to get her to state if she wants to stay in the class. No answer yet (other than she hates co-op). One of the issues is that she wants to get 100% on everything, in every class. Sigh. Believe me, we have NOT encouraged this mindset. eta - I will be surprised if dd ever uses Spanish outside school. I appreciate the mention of italki, since dd would prefer to have a textbook. Does HSA use textbooks? I'll try to let you know what we decide to do. Thanks again.
  2. Thanks, Texasmom33. I mostly agree with you. Dd isn't thrilled about her other co-op classes either (biology and algebra), although at least she likes the algebra teacher's personality. I think something that gives her more control over scheduling (perhaps HSA) would be good for her. I know dd is anxious about me, since I was diagnosed a few months ago with an incurable, progressive disease. I am doing very well (much better than last year) on my new meds, but I think that word "progressive" is really weighing on her mind. The disease might actually not be progressing, due to my meds, but it's hard to know for sure.
  3. Thanks, madteaparty. I just cannot imagine having a child who doesn't stress over anything! I'm sure that has its downsides too. My dh is helping dd some with the Spanish class.
  4. Thanks, Susanc. Yes, this teacher said 3-4 hours of homework per week and that seems very inaccurate.
  5. Thank you, Imrich. We had considered HSA and are still thinking about it. I doubt there is much conversation time (there are about six students). I said 5 plus hours but now that I think about it, dd is probably spending about 6-8 (she is keeping a time sheet but I don't have it handy.) How does HSA handle grading?
  6. I would like to know what is a normal workload for a Spanish 1 class. (My dd is a ninth-grader.) She is taking Spanish 1 at a local co-op. It meets once a week and the teacher is using Descubre. They will cover the first 7 chapters of the book in this course. Dd is spending over 5 hours a week on homework and studying. The teacher responds fairly quickly to emails. She gives quizzes each week. Recently there were over 100 vocab words (some review) in one week. Everything is graded - homework, quizzes, participation, etc. Dd is very stressed and her anxiety is climbing (not just about the Spanish). My dh took several years of Spanish in school and has a low opinion of Descubre. We are thinking of dropping this class and doing something else for Spanish 1. (We might enroll dd in a private parochial high school for 10th-12th.) ETA: I apologize for the error. The over 100 vocab words were partly review words. PLEASE give me your thoughts, advice, anything! Thank you!
  7. Jean, I've been meaning to ask you for an invite. Thank you so much.
  8. I would like to join in on some of the books. Thanks!
  9. I am so sorry. I remember a little from your previous posts. I think you said that when you tried a day program, they fed him food that he shouldn't have had and that it made things worse. You sound like a wonderful, caring mom. I am so sorry that you feel so alone. I am praying especially for you to be able to find support during this very difficult time. Hugs.
  10. Ashfern, oh my - 10 years old. I hope she is doing well? I will pray for her.
  11. Thank you!! Hoping to hear from the doctors soon...
  12. Thank you so much! It is hard to wait for the decision about surgery. Hopefully I will find out soon.
  13. I've been gone a while, but I lurk and try to pray for requests. I would really appreciate prayers and thoughts relating to my diagnosis. After months of fatigue, shortness of breath, etc., I was recently diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension (PH). Then further testing revealed that I have a rare form of PH called CTEPH. The good news is that CTEPH is the only form of PH that is potentially reversible, or partially reversible, by a very delicate, major surgery. I am currently waiting to find out if the experts decide that I am a candidate for the surgery (my CTEPH is peripheral, which makes the surgery more difficult). If I am not approved for the surgery, the doctors plan to do a series of balloon angioplasties. I have excellent doctors and am fortunate to live near a top-notch hospital. I have great support through family both near and far, and our wonderful church family. I am also thankful that PH treatment has greatly improved over the last 20-30 years. In addition to dealing with chronic illness, we must make a decision in the next few months about dd's high school education (9th grade this fall). She absolutely wants to homeschool the next four years. For several reasons, we are not certain what is the best choice. There are a few private schools nearby which are possibilities. Thank you so much for your prayers and thoughts.
  14. I have some great condition Mosdos I have been meaning to list for sale. We have enjoyed both Mosdos and BJ. I think I like the 8th grade and up BJ lit better than the younger grades (dd is in 8th this year and we are both using BJ and Teaching the classics).
  15. Praying for you! Hope you are doing much better soon!
  16. I tried to use WP CAW several years ago (dd was older than your kids). It was disorganized, choppy, age-inappropriate, etc. I really do not recommend it at all. I ended up throwing away some of it because I did not want anyone else to go through that.
  17. I absolutely think you did the right thing. I am so sorry. We have two pampered kitties and I can only imagine how sad we would be.
  18. Thank you Andani and SarahW. I hope I will be able to be at peace with whatever decision we make. Yes, she will be able to have a study hall in the middle of the day, which is great. No, she cannot attend part time, but there is a possibility that we can shorten her day by one or two class periods for this year. I will look again, but I can't think of a mainstream private school option near us that would work. Thanks!
  19. UPDATE: Well, I can hardly believe how well the visit went! The atmosphere was excellent, the teachers were great, the students we met were friendly and just really nice kids, etc. Dd still thinks homeschool is much better but seems a little more open to private school. I feel that in many ways it would be a great place for dd. I think the school will let us (for this year) drop the last class of the day (gym), so that would make the day about six hours long. Dh seems concerned that maybe it would be too much noise and stimulation for her. I don't think it would be. So we will have to decide in the next two months. I think we should decide soon; I don't want dd wondering all summer what is going to happen. Dd will be in seventh grade this fall and has always been homeschooled. We will be visiting a local Christian school soon. I am somewhat familiar with it. It seems to have a very good atmosphere (I have been on campus several times). It has very good academics and various orchestras, sports, etc. We know several families that have/had their dc in this school, and they have been very happy with it. Dd is very certain that (any) brick and mortar school is not for her. She really struggles with change. She does not do well with a lot of noise (i.e. lunchtime). She is very bright (has not been tested) and is in many ways very mature for her age. It will be a very challenging decision for us. We have enjoyed homeschooling but have had difficulty finding good friends and any away-from-home classes. Dd is an only child. I am fairly certain that we will not be hsing high school. At the school we are visiting, middle school begins in seventh grade. So all the students will be adjusting to switching classes, etc. Sigh. Double, triple sigh. If you have any advice, questions I should ask, etc., please let me know. I have lots of questions written down to ask.
  20. There is some truth to the bolded. The TM could really use some serious editing. I am using the TM a little this year (6th gr.) but wish I hadn't bought it, even though lit is one of my favorite subjects. I plan to only buy the reader next year.
  21. Uh-oh! I just ordered the Chestry Oak and am planning on it being a read-aloud. Mental note: do NOT read this book at certain times of the month!
  22. Hope everyone had a good day! It seems so early in August to be starting b&m school. My niece in CO will be back in school next Wed., so I guess that's not too different from your kids.
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