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Thanks to the K-8 curriculum forum


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Did you become a better teacher this year because of the K-8 WTM forum? I know you had a big impact on me. So thanks!

Thanks to you all for your book lists, audio book lists, discussions about books, arguments about math curriculums, recommendations on Liping Ma's book, phonics help for struggling readers from Elizabeth, AAS inspiration and info from Merry at Hope and others, patient explanations on how to keep toddlers busy during school, Spy Car on math, white space on workbook pages, discussions on origins that really made me think-read-and-change my mind, inspiration to let my kids do science and enjoy the natural world without having to shackle myself to a curriculum, links to more resources from SWB, child development advice, and last but definitely NOT least: entertaining and thought provoking signatures. I also appreciated the recipe on cilantro lime rice, but I think that was on the general board......

Bless you


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