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  1. Brave Writer will be 30% off for cyber Monday with a code you get off their Facebook site or by signing up for the Friday free write e-mails.
  2. Hunter, you might consider this edition - translated by Thomas Heath - it has all the greats in it. :) This is the one I own. Here's Euclid's book by itself. This is the book our library has.
  3. I love the Waldorf drawings. Here's a link to some of their free ebooks from their web site that can be helpful. I do not follow the Waldorf philosophy, but how can one ignore the beautiful drawings.
  4. This isn't exactly geometry, but I think you all would enjoy this web site
  5. I don't know the age group you're teaching, but these are fun for younger ones. Hands-On-Geometry Geometry for Elementary School Compass Drawings
  6. I love Euclid. I've been meaning to go through my copy of The Elements again. Geometric constructions are so much fun. Thanks for all the links. I've read most of them, but it's fun to see them again. :)
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