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Geography Supplement for K


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Yeah, my first post. I've been lurking for quite awhile, so I feel like I "know" all of you.


I'm putting together my K Curriculum to start next June (I have to make sure that I have everything ready before the baby comes). I've decided to go with SL Core P4/5 and then start Core K as soon as we're finished. Before we really start history in Core 1 (so we have a couple of years), I'd like my ds to have a firm footing in Geography.


Can any of you recommend a program that would be gentle and fun for this age? I was planning on GTG before we switched to SL and I think that would be overkill now.



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Beginning Geography published by Evan-Moor...


- Beginning Geography 1: How to Use a Map

- Beginning Geography 2: Land Forms and Bodies of Water

- Beginning Geography 3: Continents & Oceans



Here is a link to amazon, but I would recommend trying to find them used somewhere...





Veritas Press starts Geography in 1st grade using vol. 1&2 as well as some other materials, but I saw that Easy Classical recommends vol. 1&2 for Kindergarten. Here are their links...






I'm not sure that this is what you were looking for, but I hope it helps.


God Bless!

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I know you are looking for a book or program, but I had such good luck doing this:

A simple, bright globe right on hand

A pad of paper that was oval, about 15" side to side and 9 up and down with a map of the earth printed on it.


As we read things I would stop and point out where they were. We'd look at photos of places, and I would point. Thus, map relations were plunked into him in the way number sense is by counting things in non-math stories.


In quiet moments I'd tell him about some trip his GM and GF took and draw that on the map pad. I'd quiz him on land masses. I'd pull out a climates map and if we were talking about a temperate rainforest (we live in one), I'd point to the places on earth they exist.


This was just lovely for K.

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I found this through a thread here - Visualize World Geography. I emailed them regarding the age appropriateness of their product, here is their reply:


Because the VWG method uses bright and engaging pictures superimposed

on the boundaries of the nations, and associates that picture with the

nation's name by using a funny pun, or cute story, it is really

appropriate for all ages. I know of college-age students who do not

find it too juvenille, and I've also seen it used successfully with


Hope this helps.
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A wonderful book, a beautiful book, an apbeat book, perfect for that age, that brings "cultural geography" to life. Pair with a globe and picture books. My kids still look at maps and think, "Oh, I remember how the kids live there."




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