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  1. mostly math but I've had trouble with her doing it with most anything. Math just takes so much longer than it should. She knows what she is doing - she def needs the practice tho - or I would have cut her lessons short.
  2. I'm primarily thinking of my 8 yr old with math but I could probably use some of the ideas with my other 2 dd's too. thanks!
  3. She takes forever to do her math. She is 10 and doing Saxon. She *can* do it - she just gets sooooooo sidetracked. I don't want to send her to her room to do her math because I can't trust that she will stay focused on actually doing it - there are books and a computer and who knows what to distract her! So now I keep her at the kitchen table - which is in sight of me - to do her math but I still have to keep telling her "do your math!" - "do your math!" etc etc. Any ideas how to keep her focused on getting her work done? I guess it could be for any subject. I want her to focus on getting an assignment (whatever that may be) done before she lets her mind wander. Math lessons shouldn't take hours to finish! ty!
  4. thanks for all the tips... we've tried many of those shampoos and we will try the Neutragena next. (that was the one they carried at the food store I just shopped at) I think the whole oily hair thing bothers me much more than her! I think if I didn't point it out to her - she wouldn't have really noticed or cared so much!:tongue_smilie: We might have to try powder (would shower to shower work? or cornstarch?) - and we'll have to try blow drying it - I think I've noticed it def comes out nicer if she does that too. Glad we can commiserate together! I dont' remember this when I was 10! lol ;) And we won't touch the increased dramatics, crying, mood swings, and other hormonal issues we encounter daily! What a roller coaster ride!:)
  5. My dd10 is in that pre-pubescent area of being hormonal. The one thing that has been really awful is her hair! It is so oily! Does anyone have any suggestions on how to control it? It just looks so bad. We've tried several shampoos - even Dawn dishwashing soap! - just to get it to look normal and last for more than a couple hours. I've told her to forget using conditioner too. Luckily her hair is fairly short (chin-length bob) so getting a brush thru it isn't impossible. Any ideas? We'd really appreciate it! :bigear:
  6. ... actually that might be a good thing (lessons taking less time) - she was taking FOREVER to get thru 1 Saxon math lesson. Thanks for the comment!
  7. It seems like we have always been searching for a math curr that works for dd10. How does TT compare to Saxon? (math-wise - I know the basics of it) Would I need to supplement TT with anything? (ex - fractions? money? ~something like that?) Is she able to finish out her schooling with TT or would we have to switch over to something again down the road? DD10 is math-phobic and does not like doing it at this point. thanks
  8. I will check out cubits - never heard of it before.... ty I was playing around with a yahoo group and it looked like it could work for us but... in the database folders you can only type in 10 categories and I would need more than that.
  9. I just had a thought today and maybe someone is familiar with it... I am looking to start an online group for our hs group - I want to be able to categorize books that we all have as well as useful links for us. Plus, I'd like us to be able to "chat" like in a yahoo group. It would be a private group. I thought of doing it thru a yahoo group but... didn't think that would be a great avenue for showing what bks we all have available to share. Does such an online thing exist? Any ideas? thanks
  10. how did you pay? check? paypal? is there a way to stop it till you find out more? can you find them still online or selling? I hope you can still find them / contact them and figure things out.
  11. thank you ladies - that is who I was thinking of! I knew someone would remember!!
  12. I can't think of the name to google! It's been a while but I know she was on the boards a few years back... throw some names at me maybe it'll click!... :D thanks!
  13. I made one that I found from online and it was too, too sweet. I don't want to have to use cream either.... will it get just as thick if I use milk? thank you!
  14. My dear friend just told me she was officially diagnosed with RA. She just started on the prescription Methotrexate. What can I suggest to her? I know she is doing a lot of research on her own via the computer. Is there anything specific she should do? Nutritionally - what is the best approach? I'm going to look around online too to see what I can find out. thank you for your help!
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