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If you have a cell phone with internet capabilites...

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and all the latest apps, could you tell me some of the things you use it for on a regular basis beside checking email and FB?


I recently upgraded to a new phone and would like to get the most use out of it. It seems to do everything, but many features I've never had a reason to use since my old phone couldn't do any of that.


I would love to hear what you've found to be helpful whether it's accessing the news or listening to music. Right now I'm a little overwhelmed by all the options and feeling like I should have just stayed with my old phone.

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I've got some Catholic apps on mine. I use them fairly often. I love my White Noise app.


Since I seemed to have gotten a lemon I can't tell you what all I had on it. My new one will be here in a week or so. Then I'll have to figure out what I want to put on it again.

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Weather, traffic, driving directions, reading books (Kindle app), playing Scrabble, blogging, Disney World wait times (when at WDW), restaurant reservations, calendar, soccer team info, information storage (gate code to beach condo, name of restaurant we like just north of Gainesville, FL, etc.), different running apps--tracks my distance, used it for c25k, using it now to increase my run distance to 10k and then maybe half marathon, Shazam which lets me know what the name and artist of the song on the radio...:D

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Geocaching, reading (Kindle), Scrabble, surfing, Bird app, Pandora radio, Shazam, and an app that lets me scan something and I can see the lowest prices. I've loaded up a few kids game apps for my daughter to play with if we're waiting somewhere.


I now use my iPad for most of the other apps, but my iPhone is always in my purse.

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What kind of phone? There are a number of threads with apps recommendations for specific platforms.


I use mine for:


reading international papers (worth the price of the smartphone to be able to read on the go)

public transit tracking

grocery lists, to do lists

Google Maps and Nav and Places (i.e. what's near me?)

calculator, timer, level, sound meter, compass, etc.

Google Sky Maps

price comparisons, reading book reviews while at book stores

google calendar access

reference -- wikipedia, dictionaries




reading forums

quizzes and flashcards for kids

some games

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Checking the WTM boards when I'm not at home. ;) It's kind of a hassle to post anything more than a brief message though, so I don't usually post from my phone.


I travel frequently, and it's really useful for driving directions and finding restaurants and hotels.


I also spend way more time than I should playing Angry Birds and Bubble Blaster.

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I have weatherbug, iBreviary (liturgy of the hours), words with friends (a scrabble type game), sudoku, fandango (looks up movie times), imdb, tetris, springpad, a baby rattle app, and other apps for the little ones. I used to have a barcode scanner that would search for the best price of an item. It came in very handy, but DS accidentally deleted. Oh, I also have a book reader.

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I have just a basic smartphone, not anything fancy like an iPhone or Droid. I love the "Verizon Navigator" application that tells me turn-by-turn driving directions and allows me to find nearby attractions. If I'm away from home and need to find the closest post office or gas station or whatever, I just do a quick search and then it'll guide me where I need to go.

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I have a Droid.

Directions. Finding the closest specific store, then how to get there. :D

Google. Looking at a restaurant menu on-line so I can order for take-away (while sitting at a basketball game).

Calendar. Mine is synced to my computer. I can also have an address in my calendar, and the Droid will let me directly ask for directions there, too. (My maps have moved off the passenger seat, where they have lived the last 2 years.)

Ebooks. Now I can carry a smaller bag.

"WomanLog." Yep, a discreet way to keep a personal calendar.

"Search Light." Great flashlight app. (I have light switches in the wrong places to turn out lights at night, so I use this daily.)

"Gasbuddy." Convenient for finding gas stations when I am out and about, and trying to decide if I should get gas there or back at home.

"Google Sky Map." Cool.


And there's also all kinds of games, quizzes (geography), and fun stuff!

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I find that I have been using the directions and maps quite a bit. However, I have downloaded some aps for my kids to use when we are out. There are a number of French vocabulary drill aps, spelling drill aps (I like Spell Down), and math games aps. Also I purchased a graphing calculator ap for less then $5 rather than spending over $100 for a graphing calculator.


I also have Boggle, Sudoku, and WhirlyWord for fun.


For organization of have a to-do ap which pings me when I am forgetting something.


Good luck and have fun,



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