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Have you seen Hachi: A Dog's Tale?

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We just watched this as a family, and WOW, I cried my eyes out. 30 minutes later and my eyes are still swollen and red. Based on a true story and such a touching one at that. My daughter (almost 8) is so sad. She wants a dog so desperately, but we are military and renting this house and the landlord won't allow pets. It's one reason we considered buying a house, just so we could get a dog for her :( But we realized we really should wait the three years until he gets out of the military and finds a good job which could mean anywhere in the US.


Anyway, if you don't mind such a sad tale, it's a very good movie.

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Yes, I saw it. It's based on a true story and is an excellent movie, but too heart wrenching for my emotions! I bawled! Now when Hallmark plays it, I can NOT watch it....it is such an incredibly sweet movie that defines the love b/t man friend and dog friend so to speak. It is so emotional I just can't stand what happened to the man and the dog...it's too sad for me.

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