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  1. RebeccaS

    She's here

    Haven't been on the boards lately....congratulations! She is beautiful. :)
  2. Speaking for myself, I'd not bat an eye at that request especially if you were regularly doing this for my teens. The culture of my group of friends is such that we often do things like this for events like you're talking about.
  3. My dd was diagnosed at age 10. Everyone gave you great advice and thoughts. I would only add in, allow yourselves time to grieve if you need to. I held my dd many nights while she cried for the life she used to have. And it's ok to be sad. It's a big life change. One of the best things we ever did was get my dd a CGM (continuous glucose monitor). I sleep so much better at night now that she has it. It does what its name says amd gives us a blood sugar reading every 5 min. I can make better dosing decisions with it since i can see how stable (or not) her numbers are. We tried a pump for a while but for many reasons went back to MDI (multiple Daily injections). YMMV As others have said, feel free to pm me at any point if you need someone to vent to, or just chat. ☺
  4. My oldest ds has the same issue. (and he's always struggled with weight gain-FTT as an infant, feeding tube for years, super picky eater) His doc put him on an additional med to try to stimulate his appetite. It mostly works for him.
  5. :grouphug: :crying: I am so, so sorry.
  6. I have such a horrible memory. Dh reminded me that the neighbor's two little boys used to push her off their back porch quite a bit and were pretty rough with her from the time she was little. Unfortunately, their mom missed a lot of that and I didn't know them well enough to feel good about calling over to tell them to knock it off. And then my ds went and threw stones at her. :( I feel bad for the dog because I think she has a lot of potential she's just not owned by people who pay enough attention to her or really work with her.
  7. The fencing we looked at was a 6ft privacy fence rather than a chain link. We figure if we had chain link the dog could still see everything and it would drive her nuts. It is only the first quote and we'll plan to get more, but we also have a decent sized backyard and that's a lot of money. Unfortunately, we still have to leave our house and we cannot fence it all in. Dh and I plan to get pictures/video so we can talk to the neighbors with specific concerns so we can feel like we've done due diligence before filing formal complaints. As far as pits, they're legal and have been without restriction since 2012 in Ohio. There is nothing to be done unless the dog leaves her yard and then we call the warden and file a complaint. They'll come out and issue a warning and check for tags. If it happens again, they'll issue a citation and if the neighbors choose to fight it, we'd have to go to court. So, we're setting up a wildlife camera in the mean time to hopefully get pics of her in our yard. I don't allow the boys out to take our dogs and frankly they don't want to go anyway. My girls are ok, and check to make sure she's not out before taking their pups out. I haven't called the police as I was under the assumption they'd just refer us to the dog warden who is taxed with dealing with aggressive dogs, non-compliance in leash/tag laws, etc.
  8. Dh just told me the quote for the fence tonight and $8500 makes me want to weep. And it makes me angry because it's not my dog that's the problem. And we can't really fence anything but the backyard because our septic tank lies on the property line between the houses. So she can still be aggressive when we're coming and going out of the house (no attached garage). I miss our cranky elderly neighbor who used to live there.
  9. She definitely resembles those breeds and dh refers to her as a pitbull but I cannot say 100% if she is. I didn't mention her breed since I know pitbulls can bring out a visceral reaction for some and I wanted as unbiased feedback as possible. :)
  10. Ok so I'm not worried over nothing. :P. In my quest to try to keep my story factual, I forgot to mention I have called the dog warden for my options which are pretty much limited to filing a formal complaint that the dog is leaving her yard. We are not required to provide proof, but having photos or video evidence goes a long way toward making it easier on us should it go to court. My uncle is a wildlife aficionado and I emailed him to ask if he had a camera and he does so he'll be getting it to us. Dh and I talked about fencing. We even got some quotes but its gonna be cost-prohibitive to do anytime soon. In talking together, dh reminded me that when he spoke with the neighbors, she said she couldn't facilitate any meetings with us and our dogs because she could not control the dog and required her partner to do it. He did not seem willing and alluded that my son's throwing of stones at the dog was the reason behind all this. Oh and the dog is on the medium side. Some kind of stocky-looking terrier. So not terribly little and pretty intimidating to my younger children who are pretty small for their age.
  11. About two years ago we got new neighbors who, shortly after moving in, acquired a cute puppy. She is friendly enough and cute. They put in an invisible fence and train her to stay in their yard. About a year ago, they got a second puppy, same scenario. Both dogs stayed in the yard and aside from running up and down our property line and barking a bit when my kids were out, were pretty much fine. They were often out unsupervised. We had an elderly dog at the time that we rarely put out for any length of time unsupervised and when we did, she was on a run, but the neighbor dogs mostly ignored her. Last August, our dog became ill and never recovered. My kids were devastated. A couple months later, we brought home two different puppies over the course of a month. Both pups were around 10 weeks old. About a week into our new puppies, the neighbor's dog realized they were here to stay and began barking at them whenever they were out with my girls. A time or two, she left her yard and came into our yard barking at them. Soon, the barking turned to entering our yard, snarling and growling whenever she saw them. She would, however return home if my girls yelled at her to go home or if the neighbor saw her and called her back. Then, it started happening when my kids were outside, minus the dogs. They are understandably nervous around her now. We talked to the neighbor and she felt very badly about it, she didn't know why the dog was doing that, she's so sweet, etc. He, however, brushed aside our concerns stating that he'd seen our youngest throw stones at their dog and besides, they had her for guarding anyway. Youngest ds did throw driveway gravel at her. He was immediately reprimanded by his brother and again by us when brother told us what happened. It has not happened again that we are aware of and he is not allowed out alone (he is 4). Dh suggested to the neighbors that we meet with them as a group and let their dog get to know us and our dogs with the neighbors supervising. This was met with no real answer and no effort to do anything. Some time after that discussion, dh was outside and the dog came into our yard growling and barking at dh. He yelled at her to go home, but she did not. The neighbor also heard and came out and called for the dog, but the dog did not come this time until the third time the neighbor called for her. After this encounter, the dogs were kept inside except when they were being supervised or for a short time to do their business and go back in. Since this time, whenever the kids go to get our mail, if the dog can see them from the front storm door, she will bark, growl, and jump at the door until the neighbor pulls her back and shuts the inside door. The neighbors redid the training with the invisible fence (we saw her wearing the collar again), but the pup is hit and miss on her compliance. Today, my boys went to go out to walk into the field beside our house to observe wildlife for science (our house in between the field and the neighbor's house). The dog was out unsupervised for the first time in ages and they came right back in stating she had been growling at them and close to or possibly in our yard (they panicked and came back inside). I went out with them. She started to come at them growling, but when she saw me she stopped, wheeled around and went back to her house, but she maintained her growling and ran back and forth along the property line growling for as long as she could see us. She is making me a bit nervous, now, too, but I am not super experienced with dogs and I constantly second-guess myself and wonder if she's not really being all that aggressive but because I don't know dog behavior too well so maybe I'm just misreading her. At this point, would you file a complaint knowing your name would be on it and it has the potential to make relations worse between neighbors? Or is this not complaint-worthy and I'm worrying too much?
  12. For the first time ever, we took two weeks off-last week and this week. I'm regretting it now because the kids just find ways to fuss at each other and it's chaos. Dh also has off work which is just throwing us all off. It hasn't been the most pleasant of weeks. I'd rather have ended early. Now I remember why we skipped the winter break. :P
  13. It would not surprise me. I would mentally factor that into my decision to shop there at this point in time.
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