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I need support today.....

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.....I am beginning to get that feeling of being completely overwhelmed. It seems that almost NOTHING has been accomplished since our Christmas break. I' m working part time as a sub teacher and am getting called in at the last minute. That has taken my prime teaching time for my own children.


I just need to get organized. Organized in several different ways.


I need to shift my routines around a bit. Usually, I used to get the boys going on school work and then spend an hour on basic housework, then begin teaching/grading/ discussing with boys. Today, I cut that house work hour into about 30 minutes... mainly tidying up... I can not think in a mess!


My teens also need to be more responsible in thier school work and chores. My daughter is pretty much completely independent. I only do Algebra 2 with her about twice a week right now. My sons however have developed some very lazy habits. I've allowed it sadly, but it MUST change.


Please pray for me today as I write out a new school schedule, new chore charts, new daily routines. I'll also be organizing school materials on ONE bookcase and begin writing out lesson plans for the boys.


Also, if you work and homeschool please send some encouragement. If you are unorganized and overwhelmed please let me know. I KNOW I'm not alone.. I just need encouragment and support on this cold, raining, very grey day.



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I've had VERY little time to teach my youngest over the last month and a half. And this is a kid who is very social and doesn't like the "solitary confinement" of doing things alone.


But I want to encourage you that he's doing well on his own and even realizing some of the benefits ("It's a lot faster, mom!").


I think kids know when you have to be away. After all, you're not getting your nails done instead of teaching them :tongue_smilie:



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We've had a very slow start up after Christmas as well. Ice, then sick.


Consolidate, condense my friend. My dear friend works four part time jobs and homeschools a high schooler. She said a lot doesn't get finished. But her oldest, a freshman in college, just got a great report card.


So, its not all of the insane amounts of work you do, its the skills you learn that are important!

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You are definitely not alone! I have great ideas and intentions, but usually end up just muddling through the days since there never seems to be enough hours to put the "ideas" into action.

Can I share this blog post that was written by my favorite author just this morning? When I read it, I felt like she was "speaking" right to me!


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