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  1. Can someone please explain what the cutoff score is and means?

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    All items are in Good to Like New condition from a nonsmoking home with pets. I accept PayPal only. My email address is jibaker0107@gmail.com. Total Language Plus $10 ppd each or $15 for both Treasure Island Student Study Guide The Witch of Blackbird Pond Student Study Guide Progeny Press (Reproducible Pages) $8 ppd each or $20 for all three Farmer Boy Study Guide Grades 4-6 Island of the Blue Dolphins Study Guide Grades 5-7 Johnny Tremain Study Guide Grades 6-8 Writing With Ease Strong Fundamentals Like New (Read once) $10 ppd Workbook: Level 2 Good (teacher pages intact and clean; student pages missing) $5 ppd First Language Lessons $15 ppd for both Teacher's Manual: Level 3 Like New with clean and intact pages. Student Workbook: Level 3 Good with lessons 1-19 (pg. 1-53 missing); majority of remaining pages completed in pencil; and instruction pages clean and intact. Thank you for looking! Jennifer


  3. He is a fabulous creative writer and that is all he cares about. He is great at writing narrative/descriptive essays because he still gets to tell a story. However, other essays and reports are unorganized with no clear thesis, structure, or support. He does not like taking advice from me or discussing his essays with me. I am a technical and business writer by profession so I have no problems teaching or critiquing him. We have completed IEW Ancient HBWL, TWSS, The Elegant Essay, and the HSEI Live Workshop. We have done more than 1/3 WWS 2 but it was like pulling teeth, we were doin
  4. For those of you who struggle with: · teaching your student writing, · your student’s inability to handle your evaluation or criticism very well, · questioning whether or not your student’s writing is on grade level, or · wondering how an objective third party would view your student’s writing, Would you consider purchasing an evaluation/critique of your students writing, put them in an online class, or enroll them in dual credit at the CC? If classes or CC are not an option because of money or you’re afraid your student would not rise to the ch

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    The books are in very good to like new condition from a smoke free home with pets. Shipping charges are $3 for the first book and $1 $.50 for PB and $2 $1 for HB for each additional book, except where marked postage paid (ppd). I accept PayPal only. Please contact me through email: jibaker0107@gmail.com TOG Year 2 Redesigned Print Edition (3 units in Protective Covers) with Loom CD Rom $175 ppd $150 ppd TOG Year 2 Evaluations Rhetoric Level $7 ppd $5 ppd TOG Year 3 Evaluations Dialectic Level $7 ppd $5 ppd Lesson Planning 101 CD Rom $5 ppd $4 ppd The Age of Religious Wars PB $20 $15 Of Courage Undaunted PB $10 $8 The Story of Liberty PB $10 $8 A History of US Making Thirteen Colonies 2nd Ed HB $2 $1 A History of US from Colonies to Country 4th Ed PB $3 $2 DK Wild West HB $25 $20 Queen Victoria PB $5 $3 The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood HB $2 $1 The Ramsay Scallop HB $2 $1 The Kite Rider HB $2 $1 Red Cap HB $2 $1 Diary of a Confederate Soldier HB $2 $1 Letters from the Corrugated Castle: A Novel of Gold Rush California HB $2 $1 Scraps of Time 1879: Away West HB $2 $1 Caddie Woodlawn HB $2 $1 The Norton Anthology of English Literature: The Middle Ages Vol. 1A 7th Ed PB $1 .50 The Inferno PB $1 .50 The Prince PB $1 .50 King Arthur & His Knights of the Round Table (L. Green) PB $1 .50 The Black Arrow PB $1 .50 Catherine, Called Birdy PB $1 .50 The Song of Roland PB $1 .50 The Golden Fleece & the Heroes who Lived Before Achilles PB $1 .50 Antony & Cleopatra PB $1 .50 Julius Caesar with Reader’s Guide PB $1 .50 Pride Prejudice and Zombies PB $1 .50 Farmer Boy PB $1 .50 The Wind in the Willows PB $1 .50 Brady PB $1 .50 The Island of Blue Dolphins PB $1 .50 The Adventures of Tom Sawyer PB $1 .50 Caddie Woodlawn PB $1 .50 Great Illustrated Classics: Around the World in 80 Days HB $2 $1 Great Expectations HB $2 $1 Dear America Series: The Great Railroad Race: The Diary of Libby West HB $2 $1 The Journal of Joshua Loper: A Black Cowboy HB $2 $1 The Journal of Augustus Pelletier: The Lewis & Clark Expedition HB $2 $1 Westward to Home: Joshua’s Diary HB $2 $1 Across the Wide & Lonesome Prairie: The Oregon Trail Diary of Hattie Campbell HB $2 $1 Thanks for looking! Jennifer


  6. The best laid plans...sigh, lol! The following is how science will look on the transcript: 9th Grade - Honors Biology with Lab (1/2 Connections Academy and 1/2 CK12.org honors text) 10th Grade - Anatomy & Physiology with Lab (Self-Designed using Anatomy & Physiology an Interactive Journey Colbert/Ankney/Lee and Anatomy Coloring Book) 11th Grade - Integrated Chemistry & Physics with Lab (DIVE CD with Prentice Hall Concepts in Action) 12th Grade - Marine Biology with Lab (Co-Op: Marine Biology 5th or 6th edition, Castro/Huber) He still wants to add in Forensic Science but
  7. I am definitely in!!! My ds 17 will be doing chemistry either through co-op or at home. Since I don't know anything about the subject we are leaning so far over that we might tip toward the co-op, lol!!!

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    I am looking for reasonably priced used copies of Teaching Textbooks CDs and Books in very good or like new condition. Please email me at jibaker0107@gmail.com. I need Algebra 1 ASAP! Jennifer


  9. Thanks for the advice I think I will let him chose between Forensics, A&P, Conceptual Chemistry, and Conceptual Physics.
  10. So do you think it matters if ds has chemistry or physics on his transcript? So far he has taken Biology, Integrated Physics & Chemistry, and Anatomy & Physiology. He wants his forth science to be Forensic Science. All of these are with labs. Is this ok?
  11. Yes, my library offers it free. My son is taking the English Composition 101 course right now and likes it very much. I plan for him to take the other writing courses plus history, government, science, and anything else that strikes his fancy.
  12. My ds 17 struggles tremendously with passing Algebra 1 (this is his 3rd attempt with MUS). He is smart as a whip in all other subjects (TOG History, Literature, and Government). I have had him tested and he is at grade level or above in reading areas and college level in math calculation but a few years below grade level in math fluency and applied problems. Please help me choose a full credit high school level chemistry course that is light or at least holds your hand through the math involved. I have narrowed it down to three secular choices. Please vote and tell me why you have chosen
  13. My son has enrolled in one of the Universal Class writing class and loves it. He can go at his own pace, has an assigned teacher to ask questions and get timely answers, and graded assignments and essays. It eliminates the mom factor and therefore he receives an honest forthright opinion on his writing ability.
  14. My ds needs help with learning to write strong thesis statements, introductions, and conclusions using a variety of essay types. Also he has never written a long research report. I have decided to make it a year long class and teach it at co-op. What do you suggest for curriculum for 10th through 12th graders?
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