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    All items are in Good to Like New condition from a nonsmoking home with pets. I accept PayPal only. My email address is Total Language Plus $10 ppd each or $15 for both Treasure Island Student Study Guide The Witch of Blackbird Pond Student Study Guide Progeny Press (Reproducible Pages) $8 ppd each or $20 for all three Farmer Boy Study Guide Grades 4-6 Island of the Blue Dolphins Study Guide Grades 5-7 Johnny Tremain Study Guide Grades 6-8 Writing With Ease Strong Fundamentals Like New (Read once) $10 ppd Workbook: Level 2 Good (teacher pages intact and clean; student pages missing) $5 ppd First Language Lessons $15 ppd for both Teacher's Manual: Level 3 Like New with clean and intact pages. Student Workbook: Level 3 Good with lessons 1-19 (pg. 1-53 missing); majority of remaining pages completed in pencil; and instruction pages clean and intact. Thank you for looking! Jennifer



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    The books are in very good to like new condition from a smoke free home with pets. Shipping charges are $3 for the first book and $1 $.50 for PB and $2 $1 for HB for each additional book, except where marked postage paid (ppd). I accept PayPal only. Please contact me through email: TOG Year 2 Redesigned Print Edition (3 units in Protective Covers) with Loom CD Rom $175 ppd $150 ppd TOG Year 2 Evaluations Rhetoric Level $7 ppd $5 ppd TOG Year 3 Evaluations Dialectic Level $7 ppd $5 ppd Lesson Planning 101 CD Rom $5 ppd $4 ppd The Age of Religious Wars PB $20 $15 Of Courage Undaunted PB $10 $8 The Story of Liberty PB $10 $8 A History of US Making Thirteen Colonies 2nd Ed HB $2 $1 A History of US from Colonies to Country 4th Ed PB $3 $2 DK Wild West HB $25 $20 Queen Victoria PB $5 $3 The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood HB $2 $1 The Ramsay Scallop HB $2 $1 The Kite Rider HB $2 $1 Red Cap HB $2 $1 Diary of a Confederate Soldier HB $2 $1 Letters from the Corrugated Castle: A Novel of Gold Rush California HB $2 $1 Scraps of Time 1879: Away West HB $2 $1 Caddie Woodlawn HB $2 $1 The Norton Anthology of English Literature: The Middle Ages Vol. 1A 7th Ed PB $1 .50 The Inferno PB $1 .50 The Prince PB $1 .50 King Arthur & His Knights of the Round Table (L. Green) PB $1 .50 The Black Arrow PB $1 .50 Catherine, Called Birdy PB $1 .50 The Song of Roland PB $1 .50 The Golden Fleece & the Heroes who Lived Before Achilles PB $1 .50 Antony & Cleopatra PB $1 .50 Julius Caesar with Reader’s Guide PB $1 .50 Pride Prejudice and Zombies PB $1 .50 Farmer Boy PB $1 .50 The Wind in the Willows PB $1 .50 Brady PB $1 .50 The Island of Blue Dolphins PB $1 .50 The Adventures of Tom Sawyer PB $1 .50 Caddie Woodlawn PB $1 .50 Great Illustrated Classics: Around the World in 80 Days HB $2 $1 Great Expectations HB $2 $1 Dear America Series: The Great Railroad Race: The Diary of Libby West HB $2 $1 The Journal of Joshua Loper: A Black Cowboy HB $2 $1 The Journal of Augustus Pelletier: The Lewis & Clark Expedition HB $2 $1 Westward to Home: Joshua’s Diary HB $2 $1 Across the Wide & Lonesome Prairie: The Oregon Trail Diary of Hattie Campbell HB $2 $1 Thanks for looking! Jennifer



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    I am looking for reasonably priced used copies of Teaching Textbooks CDs and Books in very good or like new condition. Please email me at I need Algebra 1 ASAP! Jennifer


  4. Thank you. I'm still trying to figure out if I want to go just Homer or Aesop/Homer for Older Beginners.
  5. I know there are other curriculum to choose from but funds are limited so I have to try something already on my shelves: * IEW Medieval HBWL - he seemed to grasp the concept of dress-ups, sentence openers, and keyword outlines but could never put them into practice. Even when I didn't require these items he could not put coherent paragraphs together. We got to Lesson 4 or 5. * WWS - This is a little easier than IEW but he cannot distinguish between important and unimportant information when summarizing, narrating, and outlining. He includes everything, he is so into the story he wants to share it all, lol. When I ask him to give me three sentences he gives me run-on sentences to fit everything in. He also has a little problem with putting the sentences in chronological order. We are on Week 5. * I have Writing Strands 5, 6, & 7 but have not tried them with him because it drove me crazy. Maybe I should look it over again, as I recall it had a very creative bent to it and I think that is why I could not figure out how to use it. * I have the book Powerful Paragraphs and the lesson plans from IEW to go with it. I think this will be very useful in helping him learn how to structure his paragraphs. Ok, I have looked over the Homer Core and really love what I see: * Day 1 will help him with reading fluency and comprehension, narration, summarizing, outlining, literary analysis, and vocabulary. * Day 2 will help with dictation, phonics, spelling, vocabulary, and grammar. * Day 3 will help with diagramming. * Day 4 will help with types of paragraphs, summarizing, and precis. So it looks like I can sell a lot the Writing curriculum I have on hand!
  6. I was wondering if my nephew would be able to handle CW, especially since he seems so lost with WWS. I suspect he has ADHD and has such a hard time staying focused and following directions. You have sold me, however, when you stated that CW provides a lot more hand holding. That is exactly what I am looking for. Now I just need to figure out where to place him. He is currently in 7th grade and I am working with him on spelling (AAS), grammar (Winston), and reading fluency and reading comprehension (with me because he reads at about a 5th grade level). He loves to write, especially creatively but he does not use punctuation, does not know when to start or stop a paragraph, and does not always have proper sentences. All advice welcome!
  7. Please give an update with your review of CW Herodotus when you can. I have chosen to use CW for my 10th grader but still on the fence regarding my 7th grader. He seems to do better focusing on one or two things at a time so that he doesn't become overwhelmed. WWS focusing on outlining and narration is great and providing him with a challenge right now.
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