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  1. There are so many--I would check IMDB (Internet Movie Database). They list everything--theatrical releases, PBS, BBC, tv miniseries, etc. Search their database for the names of any classic British novels you can think of. That's what I do. :)
  2. Sumatriptan (brand name Imitrex) has been a lifesaver for me, seriously. Before I had that, it was a bag of frozen vegetables covering the painful part of my head, and a dark room. Dh massaging my temple sometimes helped. About exercise: I've never tried this, but someone I knew years ago used to go running when she had a migraine. It helped her.
  3. Wa alaikum as salaam and Ramadan mubarak! I'm in Houston and the fast is from about 5am till about 8:30pm. That's the longest fast I've experienced so far (I converted 20 years ago when Ramadan fell in the early spring), so it's a long day, but not too terrible. For suhoor, we all like something different--veggie omelet for me, cereal and/or dinner leftovers for dh, and the kids favor some combination of eggs, turkey bacon, and cereal. For iftaar I just cook dinner as usual, which could be Pakistani or almost anything else, but it always starts with dates, fruit chaat, and chole
  4. Albeto has stated once or twice that the three Abrahamic faiths see the universe as corrupted by man's sins, and correct belief as the antidote. And in her latest post, Eliana had quoted Albeto as saying that the three faiths see religion as a baffle against evil. (Correct me if I've not paraphrased you accurately, Albeto.) And no, as I've touched on somewhere upthread, Islam does not view the universe in that way. We don't believe that humans messed up the previously perfect situation and introduced evil/death/suffering into the world. We have no concept of original sin. We believe t
  5. Glad you're feeling better, Eliana. :)
  6. By a "bad Muslim" I guess I mean someone who violates a lot of the teachings of Islam--who commits grievous sins--who causes suffering to others, violates their rights, etc. And I think you may have an inaccurate idea of what type of scholarly disagreements there are within the religion. There is no disagreement among Islamic scholars about things like the oneness of God, that murder and rape are forbidden, that aggressive war is forbidden, that killing of non-combatants is forbidden, that anyone who is managing someone else's money must do their best to increase it rather than wasting it or
  7. Okay, so first I had to go and google No True Scotsman, lol. Got that now. I don't see that as much of an issue here, because we (Muslims) don't tend to call each other "not a true Muslim;" we're actually not allowed to do that. There's a Prophetic saying to the effect that no one knows the true inner state of someone else's belief. There can be very bad Muslims, of course, but they can't be called "not true Muslims" based on their sins. Anyway, if I understand you correctly, you're saying that since there's no central authority in Islam analagous to the Pope, for instance, who can h
  8. Of course you should be honest... why should you pretend to agree wholeheartedly if you don't? :) I can't tell you how to understand anything--that is utterly your business. I can tell you how I have come to the understanding I articulated above, and how most Muslims come to their own understanding of any Islamic teaching: we read the texts (Quran and authenticated reports of our Prophet's sayings and actions). We think about them, and we might also read additional commentary by scholars who are trained in the language of the texts, in Islamic jurisprudence, and Islamic history. If t
  9. A fellow migraine sufferer wishes you a quick recovery, inshallah.
  10. I'll just reply within the quote to one or two items that are addressed to me personally or that mention Islam: BTW, Albeto, I'll second Eliana in saying that I have not perceived anything you've said here as rude or threatening. I've very much enjoyed reading what both you and she have shared. :)
  11. I've been following this discussion with great interest, and just thought I'd jump in very briefly to add that as a Muslim I would totally agree with what Eliana is saying here about menstruation and ritual. We also abstain from certain rituals and from sexual intercourse during menstruation, and there is absolutely no negative connotation attached to it, not now and not in the earliest days of Islam. We are absolutely not cut off from God when we are not performing a ritual; we are always worshipping, we talk to God any time we choose. Moreover, all of life is worship in our view--every a
  12. Anna Karenina has its tragedy, certainly, but it also has a parallel romance/spiritual growth story that is very uplifting. I found the book much less "heavy" than Crime and Punishment. Some other classics I've read during the past year and loved: The Grapes of Wrath, Jane Eyre, Les Miserables.
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