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Teachers' Lounge! 1-04-2010

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It's lunch time!


Did you miss me?


What's for lunch? Me: 3 cheesy rolled tacos and a Pepsi from a little Mexican fast food place called Eriberto's. (I expect all of you to hold me accountable for at least the next three months, though, and NOT let me get away with getting fast food for lunch!)



What's NEWS? Me: We're bringing our kids back home for homeschooling! :hurray:

My husband finally agreed to it, albeit reluctantly. First day of homeschooling is next Monday, the 10th!


What about you?? Talk to me! :bigear:

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Yes! Where have you been?! I've had no one to share my lunch news with for AGES!


Lunch - salad (romaine, tomatoes, leftover sliced pork, dressing


News - I love your news! My news will not be news to anyone else with a teenage boy. My son is still hungry after one hour of constant eating through the contents of my refrigerator!!!!

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Yes - I've missed you! Yay on the homeschooling news! That is very exciting.


News - not much happening here. We were in a near-accident in the car and I got jolted rather severely so my neck and arm have been sore, but I'm feeling better today. And somehow I am totally caught up on laundry. That hasn't happened in ages :D


Oops, forgot to say what I had for lunch - frozen Michelina's fettucine alfredo and coffee. Trying to get back on my diet after New Year's (my anniversary and dd's birthday didn't help).

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Lunch - leftover filet mignon with horseradish sauce (last of the holiday feast leftovers, back to beans and rice tomorrow!)


News - Good: abdominal sonogram revealed no gallstones. Not so good: abdominal sonogram indicates the need for a CT scan to diagnose some spots on my liver. :tongue_smilie:

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Congratulations on your exciting news! I hope DS12 will decide to come home next year, but he's loving school and thriving there. He says he hasn't decided, but I imagine he'll stay there.


Let's see - for lunch. I was very good. Mixed greens with red bell pepper, cucumber, raw sunflower seed and black beans in a homemade vinaigrette.


Not a lot of news here. It looks like I'm volunteering to recruit parent volunteers for DS's MS orchestra. Not sure what I've gotten myself into. :001_huh:

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:hurray: for more homeschooling fun and excitement for your family.

Lunch here was (for me): leftover chili and cornbread


Nothing much new here, I'm planning and getting ready to get back to schoolwork next Monday and the kids are playing and only fighting a little:001_smile:

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That's great news on the homeschooling!


Lunch here was a massive salad topped with lots of things I was trying to finish up -- bit of leftover pork, leftover shrimp from unfinished shrimp cocktail, provolone, black olives, pomegranate.... I discovered that pomegranates and olives taste good together!


Not much in the way of news. I managed a really lovely walk in the sunshine, which is exactly what I've been missing lately.

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