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Only a mother knows her children this well

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which is why dh lost!


Me: "The next child that comes in her to bug me is going to want food."


Dh: "No, they've been asking all day when I was going to get done with work so I could help them with their programming."


Me: "Nope, they are going to come in here and ask for food."


Dh: "Nah, they had a HUGE lunch and they want me."


Me: "Wanna bet?"


Dh: "Sure. How much?"


Me: "A night at a Holiday Inn anywhere, I don't care where. JUST OUT!"


Dh: "Too rich for my blood. I've got three bucks."


Me: "Okay, I've got three dollars in my purse."


Three minutes later, I know have six dollars in my purse.


Husbands! Don't mess with a mom. She KNOWS EVERYTHING!!!!



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We moms must have some neon sign on our foreheads flashing "FOOD" that only our dc can see. My kids could have just eaten but if I have been gone and I walk in the first thing they want is food. :glare: I guess I'm glad it isn't just my dc. :001_smile:


The sign must be telepathic. Once we were caring for an orphan kitten and I wasn't home. My daughter called me at the library to tell me the kitten was hungry...even though her dad was in the basement.


I knew a woman whose kiddo called her during an out-of-state business meeting to ask if he could have popcorn. Yup, dad was right there in the house.

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Love it. I can look at my daughter and she can guess what card I just pulled in Creationary. Seriously, I took out one yellow lego and she guessed banana. Then I took out a grey and she guessed elephant. The guys insisted we break up the dream team, but my one of my sons an I were just as awe-inspiring.

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