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Cold in FL today!!!!

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Hi neighbor, I am in Orange Park also. :) And yes it is COLD.


We had a backyard birthday party for dd17 on Saturday night (with a bonfire). We had had to postpone the party twice, thank goodness we did it before the cold snap.


What a small world!!! This is just crazy! I just saw on the news that it will be in the 70's at the end of the week. You would think after being here for 20 yrs that I would be used to this crazy FL weather! Today would be perfect for Christmas day. I have a feeling we may be back in shorts though:tongue_smilie:

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I use to live in Pasco. How I miss FL since moving to SC. The winds were terrible yesterday and again today here. Tomorrow we are waking up to 15 degrees.

I didn't know there were so many homeschoolers in FL, well close to where I lived. Wish I knew that before I moved!! :)

Y'all stay warm!!!!

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We just came back from Disney a few days ago! We were there for just over a week and started out our trip in the mid-80's and saw it go down to low 30's and back up to '60's again. I was certainly glad for all the layers (and even my winter coat) when we were there!


I dream about living in Florida, especially during cold New England winters, except when I hear stories about rat snakes in between screen doors to the house. Yikes! :blink:



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