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Large Family mama's-

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I am about to break one of the very first things I was warned about ever mentioning on here, though I am not really sure why-


*shhhhh* crock-pots


I have never had one, but hear they rock!! I hear you can make good meals simmer all day so dinner is a breeeeze... I hear they are the cat's meow....


BUT, I have a gaggle of geese and not a cat, and so I can't find one bug enough for our family of 9, sometimes 10. I looked at a 7qt, thinking surely that would be big enough. But looking at the pull out dish, I don't think so. We usually use an 8qt stockpot, but the inner part of the crock pot looked sooooo much smaller. Now they have roasters, but I am not really sure what the difference is, or if there is any. Could I use a roaster the same way? Same recipes, etc...?


Thank you.... and no flaming the crock pot newbie, because I am not even sure what all the hoopla is about...

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I have a Rival, I don't know how many quarts, but it easily fits a package of 12 skinless/boneless chicken thighs will all of them touching the bottom of the pan (not that I think that's necessary, just to give you an idea of the space); there would be room for more. And I recently cooked 3.5 lbs pot roast in it, again with room for more.


We usually end up with quite a bit of leftovers, but then my six kids are young and picky eaters :glare:. I look forward to the day when there won't be any leftover.


I've never filled the thing all the way up - everything I've made so far seems to be single-layer.


just my two cents - I'm not what you'd call an experienced slow-cooker cook :D

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What are you planning on cooking? I can make gumbo for 14-16 in my 7 qt. crock pot. I put a roast in mine on Monday. It was big enough that the three of us have had Monday dinner, Tuesday lunch, Tuesday dinner (chili) and I've got some left that I froze because I was tired of eating roast. I'm planning on putting a lasagna in it on Saturday.

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When I had all the kids at home and the five oldest were teens, I used two crockpots. Two crockpots and a breadmaker........voila, dinner. I had a dishwasher then, too. Ah, the good old days!

We have downsized since then, mostly because the kids beat the hell out of the house and I didn't have the energy to try and fix it back up. Now I have no dishwasher, unless you count the remaining kids.

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Only have 4 kids but they are bottomless! I use 2 crock pots, I admit it!

one is for some kind of beans or sometimes a dessert

the other is a hunk of some kind of animal I drag home on top of the car kinda like Fred Flintstone. I sprinkle spices on it, brown it a bit and put in the largest most lovely crockpot (a birthday gift) I have ever seen!

I have pushed the limits a few times and had to slice parts of meat off!

We do have left overs sometimes, and that is thrown into burritos for lunches and made into soups!


I slink away as a small family next to some of ya'll!! but love using that bit of pottery that heats all day, and smells so lovely, and is a warm meal for this momma!

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Do I have to use the inner black "pot"? Because that looks awfully small looking into it. Maybe if it was just the silver part it would be more like a 7qt??


It's very similar to the one I have. Yes, the black pot is 7 quarts. I moved from a 4 quart crock pot to this one, and it fits soooo much into it. I love it! I actually measured it, and it is 7 quarts. :D No, you can't use just the silver part because it has holes in the bottom. It's the shell that heats the black inner pot.


We do end up with leftovers using this crock pot. :001_smile:

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It really depends on your family appetite and how you serve.


Usually whatever is in the crackpot is only part of the meal for us. A crock pot of meatballs and sauce, but I make the spaghetti in the pot on the stove.


Usually whatever is in the crock pot will go over pasta or rice, or be served with some other hearty item.


If what was in the dock pot was the only item for dinner, say soup and nothing else, it wouldn't be enough for us. I'd have to use two crock pots for something that was going to be the only part of the meal.

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