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  1. I am getting ready to get a new system. So now I've downloaded once onto my old system that crashed, once on my temp set up, and then again when I get the new one up and running. WE routinely upgrade because the kids' dad is a pc nerd and *insists*.. LOL But I have youngers coming up that I hope to be able to use the olders stuff, can I save this to CD and then put onto any existing systems in the future? That way I don't have to worry about x amount of downloads.
  2. I bought my daughter the accompanying PDF for the HOTAW, and then my computer died :( I have a temporary one up and running, but not sure if the site will let me re-download or how many times we are allowed to do that.... :(
  3. My apologies, because I have had this thread up for DAYS to read, but I just never get at my computer. My response is in the area underlined above. According to the last manual we had, The Teaching of George Albert Smith is states that we basically have a corner on the market of the Holy Ghost. Because, we have the "privilege" of the laying of the hands, which is the direct authority of the Priesthood, and that it can not be got any other way. Therefore, we are the only religion that has it. Even being LDS, it left a BAD taste in my mouth. This holier then thou, we are better then everyone else attitude in the verbiage completely turned me off. And not much different then what your talking about above.
  4. How do you name your school? Do you have to file something officially? Check and make sure someone else hasn't taken that name in your area?
  5. What did you or will you put as the "person or institution conferring diploma"??
  6. Your copy is more closely to the one I saw in the store. Theirs, if you look at the "First Pages" is different.
  7. I looked at this, the pages are not the same as the other :(
  8. Grrrr, 6mo ago I held in my hand the BEAUTIFULLY illustrated DK's Illustrated Encyclopedia of the Universe. I had homeschooling money set aside, but trying to hold onto it as long as I could, I thought "I'll just wait till tax time". Well now, NO kidding that $40 book is 2-3 THOUSAND on Amazon!!! I just wanna :crying: I wanted that book SO bad!! I will never, ever do that again... I learned my lesson!!
  9. Do you think when you (the seller) sells you listing in full, you can delete it?? I am on here today, hoping to find a relatively inexpensive (read not over $100) Psychology text, and get so excited when I see things come up in my search results, only to find out there all SOLD. Now they do go an update their post, but isn't there a way to just delete the thread as the author?? Thanks... :)
  10. I know I am going to feel stupid... but its not included in the reproducibles/manipulatives ec in the back, and I don't remember it coming with my kit. What are they referring to??
  11. For those that don't know it's from the movie Courageous, which was excellent, btw. They have The Resoltion for Men, too, if you want your hubby to read it as well. Right now I am reading Courageous Living- Dare to Take a Stand. I'll be done with that in 4 days. I read a chapter a day. The Resolution, though is meant to be "read slowly and purposefully", so I was thinking a chapter a week. I plan on starting April 1st, that would give anyone else tim to buy it, watch the movie, or even read Courageous Living if they wanted to. So is anyone interested??
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