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  1. I watched all the videos. #5 was just stupid. #1-4, were sad. I saw really nothing wrong with #6, I thought it was handled well. #7, never played. I think the WORST part about these videos is the laughing. These kids are so disrespectful.... NO WAY could I tolerate that. Initially out of HS I wanted to be a teacher. I am so glad I have dedicated my life to my children and not the heathens I saw in those videos. If MY kid ever acted like that, I would probably smack them upside their head!!
  2. Well I was one of those initial reluctant homeschoolers. I started because my husband's eldest son was being harassed and bullied, and my eldest who was such a social person, would rather be home... BIG red flag!! I never really wanted to homeschool, but I felt I didn't have any other options. I even labeled my bookmark file "Oh Lord, Homeschooling". I had a friend who had taken her kids out the year I married my husband (2002), I thought she was INSANE for giving up her "break". Then in 2005, I began my journey and had NO clue what to do!! I think excitement comes from experience, and g
  3. sorry, I didn't realize this thread was so old. I am sure the OP found her suit by now!! LOL
  4. When I was cloth diapering, I used Thirsty's PreFolds, which were hard to come by and excellent!! I had them trimmed. Then I used Bummis Super Whisper Wraps or Thirsty Diaper covers. I was quite proud of my rainbow array of colors I was collecting :) I used to have a bag in the bathroom near the laundry room that I would use my diaper sprayer on for ickies, and one in my laundry room for just wet ones. I did laundry every day at the start of the morning. I believe it was 1 soak load for washing (I used Tide and never had a problem), but 2 cycles in the dryer because the PF's were so t
  5. I am laughing my butt off.... My 4 yr old keep kidnapping baby Jesus :lol: Oh, and I *love* your siggy!!!
  6. Ok, I see it... I get what you saying. I never really thought of it that way before...
  7. OMGosh!! As bad as it is, my daughter LOVES rubber ducks... we collect them for her, so guess whose thinking about ordering these?? LOL
  8. This was with my last in 2006. I was 37 weeks here, but measuring 45!!
  9. I haven't done a tree topper in years. My reason is it tips the very top of the branch over and it bugs me. And it's not a cheap tree, it was over $200!! So I either do nothing, or a bow. I'd love to do one, it's just not possible.... I can not believe I didn't think of RR!!! I buy homeschooling stuff there! I just went and looked and they have some really neat things, so thank you for that :)
  10. Actually we do both too. I have no beef with the fat guy... just when he seems to be everywhere and it makes it harder to do *both* or teach my children why we even have Christmas to begin with, it irks me. But we have a tree filled with my favorites- snowmen, penguin and polar bars. A nativity in front of the TV. Stockings for Santa to fill. But only 3 presents to represent the Wise Men. We read The Night Before Christmas, on Christmas Eve. This year though I wanted to start teaching the younger ones about the story of Christs birth. I was hoping to find a pretty, bu
  11. There was just so much, I didn't want people to get confused with what I was replying too. You'll see my answers below in red.
  12. That sounds AWESOME!! I love the idea of the cookies... going to look now :) Thank you!!
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