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Costa Rica or Crete?

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We're trying to plan a family trip for next April and are currently discussing Costa Rica versus Crete. We've been to Costa Rica a few years ago and the kids really enjoyed and learned from the natural wonders of the country.


We've never been to Greece, but our family trip was to France this year, so they've been to Europe recently. It goes without saying that a couple of weeks in Crete would be a wonderful reinforcement of their knowledge of classical civilization. It also sounds more difficult, with language difficulties (I speak Spanish, so CR doesn't pose the same problems), the length of travel, and the inevitable jet lag.


There is also the cost to consider, as Crete would be more expensive, but I think the real issue is that Costa Rica seems a lot easier. But the most valuable thing is not always the "safe" option, right?


Any thoughts?


BTW, our children will be 15, 11, 11, and 5.

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