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Here is my day hope yours was better...

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This morning I had an appointment with the pediatrician for my older ds(8) he has pectus excavatum (or sunken chest) and this past week he had chest pain while playing. He actually came in to sit down because he said it hurt. He's been to a cardiologist before but they said things were fine (3+ years ago). He also has joint pain and the Dr. is sending us to the cardiologist again, the opthamologist and a genticist to rule out Marfan's Syndrome. They also did a pulmonary function test and it turns out the severity of his sunken chest is affecting his lung capicity so we'll be looking at a correction in the next few years. So I'm relieved that my Dr. is awesome and sending us to investigate this possibility (I came armed with the info at the appt. but didn't need to use what I had) and overwhelmed that my son may either have Marfan's OR need to have a major surgery to correct his pectus. This requires a bar being inserted into his chest for 2 years, the kids who have it done seem to have a major improvement in quality of life.


Also got a call that my cousin's youngest dd(2) was taken to the hospital today and it appears she has leukemia so it's been a heavy day. I know I should've just driven to Melissa's to claim my Mikes!

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What a lot for you to deal with in one day! I do hope the doctor's are able to help your son.


We have friends whose son just had surgery in December for his sunken chest (he is 16). He actually had a second surgery a couple of months later to adjust the bar, but I think he is doing well now.


It's such a hard thing to face medical issues with our children! I'll be praying for you and your family. :grouphug:

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Sounds like you could use some comforting time spent with a caring friend. {{hugs}} I'm so very glad you have good medical practitioners on your team, but am so sorry you're going through this. You and your sweet boy are in my thoughts and prayers.


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