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  1. They are 15, 11, and 10. Unfortunately I cannot sit and watch, they live too far away. Thanks
  2. HI all This has been a difficult year for our family. I would like to find an online curriculum for my kids to use. More of a complete curriculum. A friend uses Monarch any advice?? Thanks!
  3. I do believe that DP will be held more responsible before God because of his position. That being said the excuses you are giving the other women are not acceptable. You are justifying (I realize we are guessing here on what happened) her actions. Sometimes in life we are called to do hard things. You are guessing she was forced into this position. You are guessing she was abused by this relationship. Even if she was put in a horrible situation she still should do the right thing.
  4. I'm not even sure at what angle to come at this. 1. you're more in denial then I was yesterday. 2. Are you saying that this women is so "dumb" that she had no idea she and DP were having a lengthy romantic relationship? 3. Or are you trying to say it is all completely his fault? She knew. She was involved. They are both wrong.
  5. Ugh yeah. Just read the whole thing. I believe her story. I find a few of her and her husbands actions/choices questionable but it definitely rings true.
  6. Interesting because I read it as genuine. I guess if you're looking for something you will find it.
  7. Because the content is smarmy. Its about a man cheating on his wife, duping a ton of people and a whole ministry.
  8. These are the times these forums just blow me away. The man admitted to an inappropriate relationship with another woman. He never blamed her at all. Even if there is more to it (which of course we will never know all the details!) why do you feel owed a more detailed explanation? He did the right thing and it seems, as usual for most people on this board it is not enough. Should he be burned at the stake? As far as the other woman is concerned she is just as wrong as he is.
  9. Wow, thanks for all of your responses! I appreciate it. :001_smile: Sometimes I forget that people aren't mind readers :cool: Of course I don't think they will do it completely on their own. It will take some of the teaching away from me, something I usually do. We all work in the same room so I will be there the whole time and will check their work, just like I have always checked their work in the past. Thanks so much for all of your thoughts on this.
  10. Thanks! I actually found very few (maybe1?) reviews where they say their child hated TT or disliked it. The majority of moms and kids liked it but the complaint was low test score. I'm thinking about supplementing with LOF. Of course I would be checking the kids work too. I like that the majority of TT is the child working on their own. With 5 kids that frees up some of my hands on time.
  11. I decided to switch my kids to Teaching Textbooks because I love that they can do it on their own! I saw that one reviewer commented that although she liked it, her child scored low on her SAT's or ACT's. Then I started looking and a lot of people say the same thing. In fairness a lot of people disagree. Thoughts??
  12. I'm momto4kids but I would rather have the new moniker. :hat:
  13. Oh dear. So this is me under my old profile. I have the same password! Who knew.. I need Admin help!
  14. I haven't been here in a long time. The boards are different so I made a new profile. I think I found my old profile though. Am I going to get banned for multiple acconuts? Not sure what to do..
  15. After 6th grade what do you use? I want to continue with singapore but am confused as to what book comes next. Can someone help me? Thanks!
  16. Just make sure you don't cook cupcakes in it, you don't want anyone else to feel bad about their pathetic brown bag lunch. ;) And for the love of all that is holy, please keep your shoes on at your desk!!
  17. Mind you, I think it would be gross to see what the OP saw but, do you think the above is what you want to demonstrate for your children? It seems very junior high to me. Treat others how you want to be treated. If you really feel the need to say something to the woman, say it to her face one on one, not for everyone to hear.
  18. No new trend here. I am pretty sure a longtime poster gets that if they are going to start a thread that even THEY realize is insignificant, they are going to get other posters who point it out.
  19. I feel sorry for her. Why are you aggrevated over the above though? That just isn't a big deal. I think you are annoyed so every little thing is irritating you. Cut her some slack.
  20. My husband has been working in attics. The attic registered 146 degrees the other day. His truck, which has no air, and is black registered 130 degrees a week or so ago. Not feeling much compassion for these people sorry. They have a job and are getting paid.
  21. Anyone that thinks that Penn States reputation is unharmed is deluding themselves. The only explanation for it is that they are surrounding themselves with like-minded people and are insulating themselves from reality.
  22. We loved POR. We stayed in building 14 which is right next to the main building/food court. None of the Disney properties had wireless until ery recently. We loved the food service too. It is known to be one of the best food courts on Disney property.
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