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Where can I buy a planner/log book?


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The company I previously purchased mine from changed their format.


I'm looking for something spiral bound so it will lay flat with a "tough" cover.


The book I had before had a left column to write the subject with a top row for each day of the week, with space for the date. The weekends did not have their own spaces, though I would have like more space to write in what we did on the weekend. I'd like something similar to this.


If anyone has any suggestions, please send them my way.

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A thread from a couple of days ago recommended DonnaYoung.org. I briefly checked it out and she has quite a few planner pages on her site and I believe they're all FREE! She had many different formats so I bet if you spent a few minutes searching her site, you could find one that fits your needs. The person who wrote the original thread mentioned that she even contacted the website and had a planning page customized for her specific needs.


I purchased my planner from a local educational store but I wish I would have found this website first. Hope this helps..

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When I used a planner I just used the scholastic daily planner. I would purchase it from a local supply store for around $5. I liked the lay out and it has big squares to fill in.


On the top you would write subjects, but I would write the names of my 4 children, Extra: for stuff we did that was regular work, Other: for volunteer work, going on hikes, sports, play days, doing stuff on Sat. or Sun., etc., and Notes: anything I wanted to take note of. There were 7 coloums on the top.


On the left hand side was a cloums with the font going sideways. Here is where it said the date and the day of the week (Mon-Friday)


I would fill this in weekly and carry over anything that didn't get done the previous week into the new week.


Now I use a weekly form listing all the kids assingments for the week. I print it out, place it in their homework binder, and I am done. But looking at my planner again is making me want to use it just so I can have a "Week at a Glance" notebook.


I do have Edu Track and this would give me my "Week at a Glance". But I don't really know how to use it. A wonderful local homeschool came over to help me us it, and while she was here, my son broke his elbow, and timing just hasn't worked out yet. Actually she emailed me about getting together this month and this month is almost over! UGH! Thanks so much for the post as it sparked a memory cell in me. :)


Hope you find what you are looking for.;)



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I use the weekly lesson planner book. I have one for each child. I think it is very similar (if not the same) as some of the Elan books.


The actual planning pages are seen on page 4 of the sample pages. These are the main body of the lesson planning book.


Also a book called: The Organized Student: Teaching Children the Skills for Success in School and Beyond (Paperback)

by Donna Goldberg (Author) -- has great ideas on how best to set up/use the lesson plan book.




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I make my own and put it in a 3 ring binder so I can add and remove. I use the planner at Donna Young as well.


Someone suggested getting it bound which is a great idea. When I do that for other projects (like e-books) I go to Staples. You can have a front cover of clear plastic and a back cover of thicker plastic spiral bound for $3 dollars or so. Very sturdy. I just wouldn't use comb-binding.

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I don't think it's any more than ~$4 or so. Here's a link:




The one with days across the top and subjects down the side is "Teacher's Plan Book 7-WC"


Here's a link to the sample...




I usually prepare Excel spread sheets for my ds, but I *think* better with pencil and paper and this plan book helps me do that.

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I like the Ward Lesson Plan and Assignment Book No. 18 from the local teacher store. Recently though I have been making my own blanks in MSWord. (I currently have Word 07 but I think the older versions work too.) I use the Insert Table Feature and either draw my own or have it put in a x by x table that I then tweek. I have made some master plans that way and can even color code them with the shade feature. I can never get Excel to do what I want or figure out how much will really print. I tend to use Excel only for things I won't print out. I'm sure that is a user problem not a software problem though.


Good luck.

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Here are a couple of sites that allow you to customize typed planner pages for printing (free). You type in what you want for the column and row headings and it creates the form.


Homeschool Classified's Academic Planner


DLTK's Custom Chore Charts (grid formats that can be used for lesson plan pages just as easily. This one allows you to print pictures of characters or animals at the top for kids. It also allows choices for fonts and colors.)



Here's a printed book that is created for homeschoolers -- Homeschool Student Planner.


If you have a Mardel store nearby, they carry some planners. Sometimes it's nice to be able to thumb through them in person.



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