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  1. I still haven't received a response from the coordinators about the possibility of buying cd's after the conference (since I'm on the west coast and can't go.) Would anyone be willing to purchase cd's at the conference for me if I pay you in advance??
  2. Since these conferences don't come west of the Mississippi, does anyone know where I could order CD copies of the presentation/workshops? I'll just have to have my own mini-conference down here by the beach.
  3. Is the PDF version of your program a download to print at home or is it a cd?
  4. It's not intended to be great literature, but as a pseudo parrot-head, I really don't like Jimmy Buffet's books...yawnfest! Head back to Margaritaville Jimmy and just make music!
  5. As I said in my other thread, I really don't like vampire books. I did read Interview with a Vampire when it came out and hated it!! :ack2: I just don't get the vampire fascination...but maybe I'm the weird one!
  6. I feel a spin-off thread coming..."Books most people loved but you hated."
  7. :iagree: I remember reading my first and only Anne Rice book, Interview with a Vampire (?) and thought it was one of the worst books I've ever read. :D I'll have to check out her other book as well.
  8. That's it! You guys are awesome. As I said, I'm not into Dracula novels at all so I didn't realize what I had picked up. Overall though, I found it an interesting read.
  9. I picked up a book at the airport a few years ago about Dracula. I can only remember that the main character was a lady who tracked Dracula through history. Her father might have been a historian. If I remember it right, her purpose was to prove that Dracula was a real person and somehow she ends up at a monastery in France where she finds her missing father...I think at the end of the book, she actually find Dracula and meets him??? I'm not really into vampire/Dracula stuff but this book was an intersting read and the book wasn't that old. Anyone have any ideas???
  10. Are you looking at a specific kit? I just purchased the Physics Pro kit but haven't had a chance to open it yet. I'm planning on having my husband do this with the boys.
  11. Today went fairly well. We're just starting off with math and language arts this week. Figuring out how to add another kid into the mix is always a challenge but we'll get there. They even did 45 minutes of quiet time today. It's a Christmas miracle! :D
  12. Have you read How to get your child off the refrigerator and onto learning by Carol Barnier? Her son ADHD but she wrote it with a focus on helping any child who struggles with focus. It's been awhile but I remember that she had very specific ideas/suggestions. I also heard her speak at a conference and she had some excellent, practical suggestions.
  13. I ordered this kid because I thought it would have the most experiments but I'm wondering if I should start with the basic kit?? http://www.thamesandkosmos.com/products/pp/pp.html
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