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  1. I just found out you can download the free Kindle App onto an IPad. I couldn't access the Kindle store from the IPad app, however. Instead, I went onto Amazon's Free Kindle Classics section, found the book and with 1 click, The Princess and the Goblin was immediately downloaded onto my IPad! Awesome!! Now I'm off to search for other classics mentioned in this thread...
  2. I, too have been inspired by this thread. I've pulled out my copies of the Lamb's Tales from Shakespeare along with Anderson's Fairy Tales & A Child's Book of Stories. Having all boys, I know I need to start in small doses but I'm excited about this new direction. My question is practically, how do you deal with the language in many of these books? We're reading Rosemary Sutcliffe's In Search of a Homeland and I'll occasionally stop and explain the meaning of a word or phrase. What do you do however when much of the language is so different? Do you stop occasionally to explain important words or do you just read through with the hopes that in time, they'll become much more comfortable with the language and vocabulary? Stopping frequently to explain something would seem to suck the joy and beauty out of these books.
  3. [quote name=Nakia;3060700 Thanks so much' date=' Susan, for providing the samples! You are so generous![/quote] :iagree: We are so looking forward to starting this soon. On a side note, I've been driving myself insane looking for my copy of WWS...literally days. It wasn't until I read a thread yesterday did I remember that duh, I only have the download samples. :tongue_smilie: We haven't even started school yet. Not a good sign...
  4. Good point, and we like your avatar, dude!

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