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  1. We're almost to 30% don't forget to order if you were thinking about it!
  2. Happy Easter Season to you and the family!

  3. Use as a topping on your favorite homemade macaroni and cheese (my current fave is bacon and fire-roasted jalapeno).
  4. I believe the decision is in God's hands. Whether we stay at three or have three more, I am satisfied with His blessings. We're Catholic, and we trust in God and follow the teachings of the Church, which means not using the Rhythm Method as "Catholic Birth Control."
  5. Welcome to a wonderful journey! I wish you the best success!
  6. Next school year, for second grade, we will be using: Saxon 3 Catholic National Reader books 2,3 (finishing up book 2) McGuffey's books 2,3 (again, finishing up book 2) Seton Handwriting for Young Catholics 3 AAS 2/3 Copywork from read-alouds, readers or memory work Prima Latina Voyages in English (Catholic edition) Our Holy Faith books 2 and 3 Science topic is Chemistry, and History topic will be Renaissance and beyond. Child-size masterpieces Maps, Charts and Graphs, C State Capitals Countries of S. America
  7. Why is it that the people who live the most contradictory, messed-up lives always seem to have it all figured out for everyone else? Is it just me? When person has their own affairs out order it tends to dicredit everything they say. Why is it these people always have the most to say on every matter and they just won't stop? Is there even a polite way to tell them no one wants to hear it? I'm sure there is no nice way to say "get your house in order before you tell me what needs to happen in mine." But if there is...:bigear:
  8. Because it allows evil unprecendented public license to corrupt as it pleases. It changes the meaning of a word that is the building block of decent society against the will of most people. If two people want of the same sex are "married", then I am not married by the same defintion. These same acts try to force me, my children and society into accepting something that, in better times, was an unspeakable perversion. Now that is being changed, and rewarded, not to mention--rewarded with my tax dollars.
  9. The Catholic Church has never been anti-semitic in any regard. Period. I'm offended and disgusted by even the suggestion of it.
  10. I do mine as Souvlaki and make tzatziki sauce, served with pita and slices of onions and tomatos. Also, I like to marinade it Asian-style or whatever else suits my fancy and grill it.
  11. I'm 3/3 and it looks like I'll be having them from here on out.
  12. My kids art teacher wanted them to draw monsters and read them a story about monsters in the closet and being afraid of the dark... I don't know where it is going to lead, but the kids never thought of the dark as anything scary before. They were both upset and wanted to throw their projects away when they came home. DS drew his monster inside of a sock, so it couldn't get out. I worry about my kids annoying the teacher too, but I sit outside the room for the lessons. So if they are annoying, I can pretend not to know about it. And if they ask me, I will tell them, "sorry this is how my kids are, I'm paying you to teach them, if you don't like it, refund my money."
  13. If you are ever able to read anything written by Maria Von Trapp, I think she gives some examples in her books about Austrian Christmas. Epiphany and the 12 days of Christmas are really fun to celebrate. We make Bishop's wine and many of the other traditional recipes that go along with the days.
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