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  1. This is exactly what I did, all the transcripts prior to graduation date had "Expected Graduation Date" on the top right and after everything was completed I changed that to just "Graduation Date". I also titled the document as Final Transcript not just Transcript.
  2. So here was my take on using Great Courses for high school. I realize that they are dull to many kids, just a professor at a podium and a few graphics, they are not as engaging as a documentary. However, I thought they were not only a way to gain knowledge and a perspective beyond the textbook but also a chance for my kids to gain some note taking skills and adjust to the lecture format they would have in college. (As a sidenote-DE was not an option for either of these kids and both elected a college prep track when starting high school.)
  3. Statistics could be useful. I think both of my kids who went on to be history/government majors would have appreciated that knowledge over calculus.
  4. Spielvogel was our choice for Western Civilization too. We followed an AP European History syllabus (there are plenty of examples out there to use if you don't want to write your own). I supplemented with Great Courses lectures and we did British/European literature and art history alongside this course. One kid did a history of the Medieval World using the SWB book and WTMA, the other did an Early European history course of our devising before this course. Not that I think either of those were essential as a full year predecessor, just what we did.
  5. One thought-you mention she is taking a DE course in your signature line. Be sure that any DE courses are wrapped up with grades appearing on their transcript before the date you list as her graduation date. That would look odd if your transcript gave a graduation date that preceded the date on the DE transcript. Otherwise I don't think anyone will actually care. Congratulations to the graduate and her teacher!
  6. I had left US history and government until senior year for my oldest. She completed both as AP courses. For my middle kid I had just planned to do the same since it worked well the first time but he wanted to participate in Boys State. Fortunately he follows current events and is a bit of a history buff so it turned out ok, but that is when I learned that for some external scholarships, leadership events, etc. there is an expectation that students will have had US history and gov during sophomore or junior year. I would place economics where it fits best for you. If you intend to do AP level g
  7. When my oldest two took that class they used American Stories by Brands. Neither complained about the text and it seems to fulfill their AP needs.
  8. Is he transferring college to college or community college to college/university? As I understand the community college situation here in VA, only certain classes can transfer to the state schools (VA is a state with an transfer agreement between community colleges and state schools) as not all courses are deemed to be at the college/university level. College to college is not automatically a 1:1 transfer of credit. I would feel free to challenge any decisions and would come prepared to discuss what courses at the new school you think are the equivalent to what you are asking transfe
  9. Just my take on this... 1) Yes, include course descriptions for every course, even DE. If I felt there course description was too short then I might add either a couple sentences of my own or a couple from any description given by the instructor on the syllabus. I would also add the title and author of the main text(s) used. Be sure to give both the course title and the code. The way I did mine was to give the course title followed by the provider if any in parentheses, then a paragraph description that ended with "Course Instructor: Instructor Name, relevant quals if they used them." Th
  10. We are a Mac family but one kid wanted to go PC and Samsung phone for college. He did the research and ended up with a HP. He seems pretty pleased with it but he's a humanities student so... Do check with the college on what their requirements are and what any departmental requirements are. Getting four years at college was about as much as our daughter's computer could handle before it became bogged down, she's looking at a replacement for grad school. Look at the weight and portability if the computer will be carried to class and the library regularly. You might also check what sor
  11. I hope she has a wonderful experience where ever she lands! Congratulations to you and her!
  12. There has been more news of the future plans for members of the Class of 2020: two will be attending Veterinary school (one at Virginia Tech and the other at Ohio State), one attending law school at Ohio State, one going into the Nursing school at Duke, and one working at Boeing, and one serving the Navy as a nuclear engineer. I think these are some pretty solid outcomes that speak well for the education Sweet Briar provides.
  13. FWIW-my daughter's soon to be alma mater just announced that they will be on campus in the fall. It sounds like they have thought this through, have plans for testing on campus, and ways to keep the community safer. I think it will all depend on the individual school and location.
  14. So, I haven't been on the boards much recently so I missed this conversation. My apologies. My daughter is a member of the first class that was recruited following the near closure. Yes, SBC is a small, tight community but that offers many positives for students. You will know your professors personally and have lots of opportunity to interact in small class rooms, pursue research, and attend a variety of national and international academic conferences. The students participate regularly in internships around the world and take part in semesters abroad programs. SBC is one of two women's
  15. I think this will ultimately be a college by college choice unless either a state or federal government mandates students remain at home. I cannot imagine a situation in which a college will lower its tuition if they use an online classroom in the fall. Obviously they could not charge room and board to a student not utilizing those services. I would go so far as to expect a hefty technology fee for that semester. Ultimately they still need to maintain the campus, pay employees, pay their faculty, and so on. Their basic agreement is to provide an opportunity to earn credit. If they provide
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