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Arm and Hammer washing soda

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Where is it? I can't find it at StuffMart, Ace Hardware, or Meijer. I don't want a case of it, just one box.


Where, oh where, are you buying this?

I finally found mine at a Meijer's. That spot on the shelf was empty a loooonnnggg time though, before I happened across a single box one day. Do you have a small store around you that would consider ordering it? That was going to be my next step.
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Believe it or not but I find mine at the pool supply store. No local store carries Arm & Hammer W.S. but after some research, I found that pool supply stores carry a product called TSP that is simply sodium carbonate which is washing soda. It says right on the box that its a laundry additive. Go figure...



Washing soda and TSP aren't the same.


TSP (trisodium phosphate) was once the major additive to laundry detergents but is no longer because of the environmental damage it does.



Washing Soda (sodium carbonate) is a milder cleaner, and safe for the environment.



TSP is something that only should be used when nothing else can do the job. It's not something that should be used for routine cleaning--it's bad news for the environment.

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