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  1. This is what I have done with both of my children about that age. ( my daughter two years ago and my just turned 8 son now). I went through and found as many books as I could in our own library that were very much below his/her reading level...not even grade two but really easy books ( with a few in there that were close to reading level but not over). I put those books right by his/her bed ( no school books allowed, this was enjoyment reading only). Then I told the child that these books were to read at night if the child wanted to. and, if the child wanted to read at bedtime that th
  2. Aggie, I can't remeber if I ever knew where you live or not, but I have to say that would make my mouth drop open to the floor. I can tell you, that law or no law, not only am I NOT leaving my dd alone with a doctor, but no doctor is talking to my child about sex...that would be my job.:glare: They can tell her about sex and stds when she is paying for her own appointment and is an adult.
  3. It does indeed! ( But I have found some great books that way too):001_smile:
  4. Well, I have a 5th grader and not an 8th grader..but I am willing to say that it would be on the lighter side. I think though, that Mrs. Mungo is thinking of the Landmark biographies that are totally unrelated.
  5. We have the audio cds of William Bennet's books but there is also Larry Scheikart's "A Patriot's History of the United States". We love that so far. also, The Landmark History of the American People". by Ruth F. Boorstin. FWIW I also own Hakim's books and did find that I had to skip over entire pages, and did not agree with things she wrote, especially as we are getting into more modern history (1900's). HTH
  6. All About Spelling here too! I didn't get SWR at all, and spelling by learning lists seemed too much like busy work. With all about spelling it it all in the books and on the white board. My kids don't like the tiles anymore, but they did when they started, so if i was doing it again I would buy the whole program. We will not change again! This last year was our first year using it.
  7. FIAR never worked well for us. We read the books and did the geography lesson and that is about how far it went. My kids were not interested after day #3. We found quite a few very good childrens books this way though. So, I ended up using it as a literature guide when they were little. So, for us we did end up doing what parts we liked just for fun.
  8. I had never really thought about this before. Thanks for asking the question, now I am off to look at a few books. :001_smile:
  9. ETA: since this thread is devolving into a place I don't want to go, I am exiting this thread.
  10. How wonderful! I have not yet returned the favour so to speak. I was an exchange student for all of 1981 (that dates me..oh well). I am hoping that when my children are a little older..teens..we will host a student.
  11. It is icky, tacky and inappropriate. Creepy. I think you handled it very well.
  12. Ours has not done this, but we would not be able to participate. We go away for the summer for 3 months. I am away from "home" now. It would also mean that when my younger son is a tiger I would not even be an assistant, let alone a den leader.
  13. I love them, but I have a healthy respect for them too.
  14. :grouphug: Sorry, I hate stuff like that! Did the cat enjoy that tuna? ;)
  15. I read Salem's Lot whernI was about 14. I go to bed for months without making sure all the windows were drawn, but I loved it anyway and then read The Shining and Pet Cemetary soon after. ;) I have no idea about his newer ( after 1990) stuff. Very scary though, but I did love it.
  16. Even though I did answer your original thread by giving a personal example, I go by " 3. Based on a principle of some sort (e.g. There is a principle saying that x behavior might hurt others, so you would refrain from it because others might be hurt rather than based on whether you personally would be hurt) " In general I try to go by the rule of, "if you don't want everybody to read it, don't post it"
  17. What you are doing sounds just about perfect to me. I need a break after explaining math to my dd9 for the nth time. If my break is too long though, I find it harder to get back into teaching mode. I try for about 15 minutes between subjects with a couple of 1/2 hours in between and an hour off at lunch time. At the end of the day I don't think so much about how much more we could have done but how much sooner we would finish. Then I try to remember that my children learn better after they have had a small break. Some days we finish everything and some days we don't.
  18. I think it is rude. 3 of my sisters get together once a month for lunch and always advertise about it on FB and never invite me or another sister..but then chat away about their wonderful lunch with their sisters etc... very rude in my opinion, no matter what the reason is for their excluding us, it does seem to be rubbing salt in the wounds, and I expect better from women in their 50's. I would feel the same way if it was someone else I knew IRL and it seemed in your face, "we had a great time..too bad you weren't invited. " ETA: But I'm not bitter or anything. lol:lol:
  19. For me it was because once I decided that I beleived in the Divinity of Christ, I needed to be in the Church He founded. I couldn't cherry pick what I liked and didn't like, it wasn't up to me, it was up to Him. God spoke to me for years and years before I really listened and did what he asked. Good luck to you!
  20. I lurked on the old boards but not for too long before they changed to this format..so I don't consider myself much of an old timer...so why am I answering???? Because I am older than some...I think I read about it in SWB's book.
  21. I think I have been averaging about $1,500 each year total for 2 children.. Some of that will be used for my 3rd child. Some of it will be sold eventually to recoop some costs. I could do it for quite a bit less if we made good(and consistant) use of our library. What others might pay for fad shoes and different outfits for school, I spend on books..it is an addiction. My kids do have clothes and shoes though.
  22. Thank you all! great replies. I cannot imagine not knowing what level my child was in math, and as for neighbors...the few we have don't speak to us ever since I mentioned that we home educate our children.:glare: But I cannot talk curricula with anyone who doesn't homeschool, because I have seen that glassy stare one too many times. :001_smile: Jenny
  23. I had never considered the "looking in to it" reason before. That might explain some people. I don't expect there are too many on this board, but every now and again I read what someone says and realize that they do not home school. Just curious though,
  24. or afterschooling: I was wondering what it is that brings you to, or keeps you interested in this board? I'm not really asking this of people who used to homeschool and have made good friendships here, but of those that never homeschooled. I am honestly curious. Any takers? and don't get me wrong..I think this board is interesting..I can barely ever go to the K-8 forum without wanting to purchase some new curricula or other.
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