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  1. :iagree:That has to be my favorite book ever.
  2. It won't affect us too much until May. We don't do too much driving this time of the year. Once Summer comes around here though we might have to change what we normally do or combine trips.
  3. If Mad Men was on Netflix(streaming) I would not have bought them.. I have watched Firefly a few times as well, but since that is on Netflix streaming I won't buy it.
  4. Already have. I have the Mad Men seasons 1 through 3 on dvd. I can watch those over and over. :001_smile:
  5. I make 3 kinds of pie that day: apple, pumpkin and cherry. I've never thought of doing pizza, but we might include that as well. We also usually read the Sir Cumference books just for fun that day. Yes, I know I am a bit of a geek.:D
  6. We use both, but we use the cds so much more. If I had to choose one or the other, I would choose the cds. The kids listen to them over and over and over..even as bedtime stories.
  7. I get that this is some sort of game, but what is a DS? I am so out of the technology loop sometimes. :lol: I like it that way, but then it leaves me scratching my head...
  8. At the moment I know they are learning because the two older kids where explaining to the 4 year old all about how his machine wouldn't work because he hadn't completed the circuit. Then they helped him make it work.
  9. I just use coconut oil. it doesn't require any refrigeration. It is solid under 70 degrees, but it melts when you touch it. I use just a little and rub it in. I love it.
  10. The past 2 weeks here we have been doing more projects than usual. The kids are stuck inside more than usual and without the projects they start to bicker more and more. So, at this moment we have a very large pyramid made out of sugar cubes complete with inside chambers almost complete on the table. There is a volcano on a nearby table that the kids nt to "explode' at least once a day. jars of what may turn out to be rock candy are on the hearth. There is a crystal garden in our dining room as well. At this very second, our living room has become snap circuit central. They have made r
  11. I have a manual one, but years ago(25) I had an electric can opener. I also had a very smart cat. That cat would put his chin on the top of the opener every.single.morning. at 5 am. It would wake me up. I got rid of that opener and vowed never to have one again unless I no longer had a cat. I still have cats, no electric can opener. Jenny
  12. My 8 year old has devoured SOTW. We are studying modern times right now and I need something else. He listens to SOTW vol 4 every single night and just about knows it by heart. Is there any other history on cd for modern times? Audio cds for adults are a bit beyond him and he loses interest...is there anything out there that we are missing? He has asked if there was anything just about WWII, but I am looking for more than that. Thank you in adance Jenny
  13. That would be me! Hi! Less Government in all areas would be lovely!
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