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I just made the best soup ev.er.

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It's basically broccoli rice casserole in a pot, w/out the creamy part.


I used 2 cans chicken broth (the reg size), then refilled ea can w/ water, 3/4 or so up.


I dumped most of a bag of froz broccoli in, started it boiling, rinsed some brown rice, added that.


I chopped up a couple of stalks of green onion (not much, iow) & added that, poultry seasoning, & a little salt to the rice mixture.


While that boiled, I boiled some chicken breasts (about 5) separately w/ poultry seasoning, salt, & pepper.


I chopped up the chicken when it was done, added another couple of dashes of poultry seasoning to the rice (um, & the chopped chicken, too), & then a good splash of lemon juice, along w/ another few dashes of salt & pepper & 1-2tbs butter-ish-stuff (dh is allergic to wheat & dairy).


The kids licked their bowls, ate seconds, & then asked for "dessert or thirds." Even my hard-to-feed 2yo. And that on a night when I had no idea what to make. :D

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Sounds awesome!


Can you say what kind of poultry ssng you used? Sometimes that makes a difference in the flavor! And about how much rice? Thanks!


Kroger brand seasoning, lol, & um...*some* rice. Maybe a cup dry? Maybe not that much. My goal was casserole w/out the oven, so the ratio of broth to rice is just over what you'd use for making rice, if that makes sense. Now, it came out soupy, not casserole-y, but it was still thick enough that I served it w/ a wooden spoon.

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:glare: You are just too darn creative, girl. We had ham & cheese sandwiches and cheese pizza for the vegetarians. I am so not the kitchen kind of girl but you should have seen the Halloween decorations. :001_smile:


*whispering* Have you ever read any of my other cooking posts? If the alternative weren't starvation, I'd be blocked from my own kitchen w/ police tape! :lol: But I think it's because I get bored watching stuff boil, & I don't follow directions well. Because directions bore me. :lol:

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