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  1. Trying one more time:) Maybe this is a really new product? Thanks in advance for any thoughts.
  2. I found today that Apologia has a video instruction dvd available with lab demonstrations, 20 hours of lecture, notes, etc. The instructor is Rusty Hughes. It's pricey. Worth the expense? Any experience out there? There's a video sample on their website.
  3. Yes, I tried that but there's no code or password in this one. Curious. When I called the company, they said someone there had a list of errata but he wasn't available. Maybe tomorrow. I found an error and want to know how many more I've missed.
  4. Does anyone know where to find a list of the errata for Apologia texts? Specifically I need one for The Human Body, Fearfully and Wonderfully Made. I called and they said someone would call me back within 48 hours...augh. I have been unsuccessful in finding it online myself. Anyone been down this road?
  5. That's a big question but an important one, I think. Being a religious person, I believe in 'planting seeds'. Challenging the status quo during the teen years is pretty healthy, in my opinion. A few things have been helpful to my kids in the last few years. A seminar on apologetics helped solidify some faith issues and inspired my kids. A recommendation of a couple of books by David Kupelian were helpful: The Marketing of Evil and How Evil Works. Be forewarned...they are unabashedly Christian, conservative and most politically incorrect.:) Also an AP course in which my kids were required to write their 'political manifesto' was helpful in making them work through why they believe what they believe. I think the common thread is that at an age where kids are struggling to have their own voice and mind, it's helpful to help them inform themselves by including other reputable sources.
  6. My dd heard about a forum called RoomSurf to find a dorm roommate. Have any of you used the service? It costs $10....just wondered what your thoughts are.
  7. Decision made! She chose Baylor! She was accepted into eight other schools: Vanderbilt, Wheaton, Hillsdale, Univ. of OK, Univ. of AL, SMU (& Meadows), Louisiana State Univ., and Centenary. Because of excellent merit aid and other scholarships, an interested, wonderful teacher, and distance from home, her choice became clear. She's happy, and so am I! Whew. (small, still voice) Now on to housing, orientation, health forms, academic advising, money matters, dorm equipping, transportation, etc. etc..... But I'm still happy!:D Congratulations to all of my WTM compadres who have traveled this journey! I'm so proud of all our kids. And moms!
  8. Science, technology, engineering, and math.
  9. Thanks, Sonshine. It does appear that most are already set on a definite college. Oh my. Off to chew my nails some more. Hope we can resolve our issues this week. I'm so tired of reading campus review sites...they're beginning to look too much alike. :tongue_smilie:
  10. My dd is waiting on one last scholarship decision to make her final chooice about where to attend. Are any of you still struggling with that final decision? We're feeling a little isolated....seems like everyone we know is all settled and headed in a particular direction. She's narrowed it down to two, but the waiting is excruciating. (For old mom, anyway:) Misery loves company. Anyone else undecided? Still?
  11. Updating acceptances....Centenary College, Baylor, SMU & Meadows School of Music, Louisiana State University, University of Alabama, Hillsdale, Oklahoma University, and Wheaton (Ill.) Last one...Vanderbilt.
  12. Updating acceptances....Centenary College, Baylor, SMU & Meadows School of Music, Louisiana State University, University of Alabama, Hillsdale, Oklahoma University, and Wheaton (Ill.)
  13. Interesting that you should ask this...in an address to parents during a recent college visit, one of the counselors said that a student had told her to tell parents not to transform their bedroom right away...that they needed a little time to transition without feeling they'd lost their place at home. I'd never really thought about it. However, I think I'd give it a semester or two if at all practical. I'd probably let a sibling stay there without redecorating or transferring ownership. On an entirely separate issue, they mentioned the importance of snail mail and that students get pretty dejected when they open an empty box day after day. Even our tech-savvy kids appreciate old school communication, it seems.
  14. Oh my goodness, thank you guys. You've given me hope and encouraged me that things can improve. She's trying. I am too. What a pain all this is! She's probably a lot more responsible than I was at her age. I think my expectations are pretty high for someone at her stage of life. Like someone mentioned, they're not quite 'cooked' yet. It's a stange mix of child and young adult, one minute full of wisdom and the next incapable of the simplest task. And I have never been a guidance counselor and am not exactly brimming over with confidence either. It's a process. Thank you so much for your encouragement and your experience. I think all the moms should have a big party when we get them all enrolled. Or maybe just a big nap!
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