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Has anyone made cake balls?

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I have heard about these and noticed that there is a recently added recipe on the Pioneer Woman's site. Anyone have any tips or flavor combinations that they like? I was thinking orange cake with milk chocolate???

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The recipe on PW and bakerella are the same one--they are friends and bakerella came to visit PW last year just to make cake balls...


Cake balls are simple:

Bake a cake according to package directions (or make a homemade cake). Let it cool completely then crumble it up and mix in most of a can of icing (or homemade icing). Mix well (hands work best). Roll into small (table spoon) pieces and place on a waxed paper covered cookie sheet and freeze for 10 minutes or so.


Once chilled/frozen melt chocolate (candy making wafers work best) and use a fork to dip the cake balls into the chocolate. Place back on waxed-paper covered cookie sheet and put back into freezer until set--less than 5 minutes. Store in airtight container--DO NOT REFRIGERATE/FREEZE after making as the chocolate will 'weep' (let off moisture).


They are SUPER RICH and are hard to resist.


We only make them when we KNOW we can give most of them away QUICKLY!


Our favorite is 'Death by Chocolate'

Chocolate Fudge cake mix, Chocolate-Chocolate Chip icing, Milk Chocolate candy wafers (Wilton brand).


At Christmas my sister makes red-velvet cake with cream cheese icing and vanilla candy wafers.

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We made the Easter chicks on Bakerella's site. They were a lot of fun to make with my four kids. However, they were entirely too sweet for us to eat, and we like sweets. We ended up throwing away quite a few of them because we just couldn't eat them.


We'll probably make them again for Christmas, but more as a craft project instead of a dessert.




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I'm with Jann on this. They are INCREDIBLY sweet. INCREDIBLY. I only make them for large groups because after 2 or 3, my stomach and teeth are cringing. They are, however, wonderful and popular. Freeze them all the way through for easier dipping or they can fall apart in the chocolate (I've blogged about it, too, probably about a year ago).


Sometimes I dye the icing that to match the cake and then cover them in another color. Orange and black for Halloween works very well that way! Other combos we like are strawberry cake/strawberry icing/chocolate and funfetti/white icing/white chocolate covered in sprinkles. My next attempt is going to be German chocolate cake/coconut frosting/milk chocolate. :)

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I made them for a bake sale last year.


It was a bad financial decision. A batch of cakeballs cost more to make than we could reasonably price them for. The cake mix, the frosting, the chocolate wafers for dipping & the sprinkles for decorating all added up.


It is a big process and I actually didn't like the taste very much.


And I will eat almost any sweet.

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Strawberry cake with strawberry frosting, dipped in dark chocolate is a nice combo. I use a melon baller to get the right size. Small is best, because of the richness.


I have had great luck freezing the completed cake balls, and didn't have any weeping chocolate when they thawed. I use an inexpensive chocolate bark. (Maybe it has so much wax in it that it can't weep??)


A previous poster mentioned they made the Easter chick ones off Bakerella's site. We did, also. I had a bunch of 18-25 year-olds over for this project. Our cake balls were hysterically funny, but not one of them resembled a cute Easter chick. Sure made for some laughs, though!

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