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  1. Interesting. I've heard that the Baby Boomers were born between 1946 and 1964. Now I don't know what to call myself!!:lol:
  2. I was born in '64. I knew the song - mostly because I had brothers who were 10 years older than I who listened to a lot of music. Someone mentioned Jim Croce above. One of my brothers loved him. (He wrote the lyrics to "Time in a Bottle" in his girlfriend's yearbook.) Anyway, recently I picked up one of his CDs for old time's sake (this brother died a few years back, and I'm very sentimental about anything that reminds me of him). I was so surprised to be able to sing most of the lyrics right along with Jim. It had been a long time!! I'm sure those brain cells could be used for more recent things, but you never know what the brain holds on to. Completely apropos of nothing, just thought I'd share!! Oops forgot the original reason I posted. In the original "Trivial Pursuit", which was a favorite game during my college years, the question is asked about this song. Warren Beatty was given as the answer.
  3. I was born in 1964; graduated from high school in 1982. This board attracts a wide range of ages. Still, I'm always surprised when people aren't around the same age as I am. Happy Valentine's Day!:001_wub:
  4. That's interesting - I had wondered if that could be true because I never had a positive urine test with my two dds (14 & 16), but with my dss (12 & 8), I did. I lost a little girl last year at twenty weeks. I got a positive right away with her; I thought maybe the tests were more sensitive now. Thanks for sharing, Melissa
  5. I love Phineas and Ferb. My 16 yo DD wrote a note on FB about her younger brothers. (It was actually quite sweet). The title of the note was, "'Cause you're younger, we're related, and you're boys!" Those lyrics crack me up!! Fun thread. Melissa
  6. :iagree: DH has said that if ours ever breaks down that we will not even hesitate to buy a replacement. He likes it, too. Sears prices, from the link you provided, certainly seemed inflated. We didn't pay anywhere near that much.
  7. Amazon has the Artisan in the Boysenberry color. It appears you can buy them from Kitchen aid.com, too. Amazon appears to be a little cheaper. HTH, Melissa
  8. I've only lived within thirty miles of where I live now, including college. My family has lived in this same area for two hundred plus years. We are educated, and we do travel some, but we seem to stick to the same area. Interesting thread. Melissa
  9. Yes, we bought a refurbished five years ago. It's the Artisan tilt-head. My dh lucked up on one on Christmas Eve for $125 including shipping on Amazon. Best late Christmas present ever!! It came on the 26th. He was so proud of himself because he knew I wanted one, but we really couldn't swing the cost. After having such good luck with this, we've bought a refurbished Cuisinart Griddler - works great! I'm looking to get a refurbished mp3 player at the end of the month. HTH, Melissa
  10. I'm not sure how to test this issue ahead of time, but my ILs bought new flatware, and the forks won't spear anything. It's impossible to eat salad with these forks - even Iceburg! I'm sure my ILs bought the cheapest they could get by with because that would be their MO. :D I have a set by Oneida and one by Reed-Barton, and I love them both. They were both mid-range in price. HTH, Melissa
  11. Also, To Kill a Mockingbird with Gregory Peck, minus the courtroom scenes involving the woman who played Mayella - her 'acting' made me crazy! I suppose To Kill a Mockingbird and Rebecca would be my favorite movie adaptations of books. The P&P version with Colin Firth is my favorite, but I agree with someone above that I didn't think Jane was not as good-looking as the book made her out to be. I really didn't think she was very attractive at all. Fun thread!
  12. That's exactly what I told my husband when I saw the commercial. My ds, 7, wants me to get one. Maybe I will now that I've heard that it really works! Thanks for the PSA. Melissa
  13. I don't guess you'd want an Adam since you have an Eve. I do like it, though. I can't come up with anymore bible names. However, my son is named Clay. I don't know of any other boys his age (7) with this name. I think it's a great name, but then I am incredibly biased!!:D Some others: Alec, Conrad, Ellis, Reid, Rhys, Scott Melissa
  14. I like your list. I think Seth would be my favorite. with Silas close behind. I have a friend from Kingston, and she would pronounce Seth so it would sound more like Set. I don't know if I'm imagining that, and if I'm not, if it'd make a difference to you. It wouldn't occur to me to use a z sound in Josiah. I had never heard Elijah pronounced with a zh sound until a few years ago, though so I may not be the one to ask :lol: Keep us posted, Melissa
  15. I like Abel. I don't think I've ever known anyone named that. However, I do know people named Cain. Can't get behind that name. Too bad about Amos; I like it, too. Asa? I don't think of the jeans when I hear Levi. I don't think most people will automatically go there, but I'm sure some will. You can't find a name no one will find something to say about. I still like Seth and Silas - and Josiah. It's hard to find one that's uncommon, but doesn't sound made up to people unfamiliar with the Bible. Good luck. Keep us posted. Melissa
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