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Please keep praying for my missing nephew

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for those following the story/praying for my missing nephew, please don't stop. The tip that the boys were in a mall last night was correct. A security guard yelled at the boys to stop as they were running out of the mall into some woods after the boys got suspicious when a police car pulled up.


Two of the boys stopped; my nephew did not. The police declined to go into the woods after him because of both the late hour and not enough manpower. A search this morning by both the police and Teen Challenge staff came up empty.


Please pray for my nephew Logan's continued saftey. And for his mother's well being and peace of mind. And that somehow this situation works for a good outcome for him.


Thank you


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Oh dear. I'm so sorry.


FWIW, someone dear to me did something similar. This person struggled with substance abuse for many years. She ran away from a treatment center at one point and was picked up two months later in another state with a stolen credit card. It was a long, hard road for her and for those of us who love her.


She is doing well now, many years later. Really, truly well, and has been for quite some time. I pray your family sees a similar outcome.



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will be Logan's 16th birthday.


He is now out there alone(the other 2 boys are already back at Teen Challenge). I think being alone might be starting to bother him. He called my sister for the first time today since he ran on Sunday night.


He said that because she will not let him come back home (instead of treatment) she is making him homeless and hungry. He also said she must not love him since she won't do what he wants.


I am so proud of her for staying strong. She told him that she loves him enough to give him what he needs, not what he wants. He hung up on her. :sad:


Strider, thank you for your friend's encouraging story.

Logan is a very mixed-up, good-hearted , struggling kid. I know that if he weren't in this program, we'd be facing even more desperate struggles.

We love him very much and want him safe.


Thank you all for your encouragement and prayers. Meantime we have another email saying that he has been sighted hanging out at the area car wash and the police are on their way....



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this is good news. He has called my sister 3 times since being on his own.(the other 2 boys have returned to Teen Challenge) He is cold, wet, and hungry--all motivation to stay in touch with his mom and begin to find his way back.


He is angry at my sister but he has continued to call her. And he has told her that he "still" loves her. He doesn't want to go back to treatment but- Thank God!-my sister can see that treatment is exactly where he needs to be right now. She's steadfast about the need for him to return to treatment.


I appreciate all good thoughts/prayers/good wishes being sent his way. This is so so hard but maybe--hopefully-- if he hits bottom with this now--he'll be ready to actively participate in his recovery--and come out on the other side of this



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Glad to hear he is keeping up the communication. God will answer everyone's prayers. When a friend went through similar times with her daughter I would tell her that someday her daughter would be giving talks about her mistakes and how God changed her and was there for her. That has come to pass. God will do something equally mighty with your nephew. Your nephew will honor God with his life in the future. God is much stronger than any addiction, selfishness, or plain immaturity.

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