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  1. Science Shepherd has a lot of detail. What we did: My dd took notes in outline form as she read. This was a huge help- making an outline helped her to see the main points and not get too overwhelmed by supporting details. It was a great exercise in learning to select how to fine tune her view as there is no way to learn everything in the book. I thought it a great prep for college. We discussed, using her notes, before she filled out the study page. She took the study page almost as a pre-test, helping her see what she was hazy on. Then she would use the book to correct her study guide and clear up any shallow understanding. After taking the test, she went back and corrected any missed answers using the book. Secondly, I allowed her to do two tests open book- her choice. That way, when there was a chapter that was completely overwhelming she could choose to treat it more lightly. That opportunity put the power back into her hands, and gave her confidence that she could finish the course. I graded those tests as quizzes. If I recall correctly, she chose one of the genetics chapters to do as an open book test. I also did the entire evolution section open book; I wanted her to experience that material as a conversation and point of view, not necessarily as fact that had to be memorized. It comes in the middle of the course, so it was a good time to chill a bit and just read the chapter/do the study guide. We spent the time (that would usually have been spent studying and test taking) sitting on the couch talking about faith and science. This girl is not a philosopher by nature, so I count that time more precious than any graded work. Science Shepherd is honors level work, in my opinion (though you should probably add evolutionary material to call it honors). If my non-science major son decides to use Sceince Shepeherd, I will focus on this as an opportunity to learn how to extract main themes from a text book, and will not ask him to memorize the details, which would be completely overwhelming to him. I would also then modify the tests to reflect a comprehension of themes, and ask for examples without worrying about the depth that a science major would be expected to go. Just my opinion! Hope that helps!
  2. Free online Chem lectures from Trivedi Chamistry: Online Chemistry Dictionary:

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  5. Just saying hello!!! You should introduce yourself at the Exploring Orthodox Group! They are all sweet ladies (oh, and a dad or two I think!). I love the general forum too- there are a lot of witty ladies who talk endlessly about sci-fi and men in kilts. Oh yeah, and about homeschooling. :)

  6. Ooh! These are on my list! I'd love the link, please! Thank you. (edited because my first post read "I'd love the kink". Not something I want discussed on the boards this afternoon.)
  7. Thanks for the positive feedback.

    I've enjoyed dealing with you, too!

  8. Ooops! I forgot to sign my real name!


  9. Laurie- That sounds great; goodness knows we need all the support we can get :) Contact me any time, please! I am pretty busy for the next month, so don't hesitate to write first.

  10. Hi happygirl,


    As the parent of a difficult child : ), I appreciated your post about the book Transforming the Difficult Child. KH posted about his book as well, and I also sent a message to her. Perhaps we could correspond from time to time about how we find this approach helpful with our dc.


    Laurie (ELaurie on the boards)

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