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K Update (Adoption) - Court Date!

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We have a date! Next Monday, October 26th. Tomorrow I'll post the exact time and any other details I get once we meet with our facilitator. After court, both dh and I will return home for the 10-day waiting period. After which, I'll return to the country and finish up details (passport, visa, medical, and property issues.) Please keep praying!


Again, if you want my blog addy, just PM me. I've taken it off my sig line for now.

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Thank you! THANK YOU!!! Impish, I could stay and "K" could actually stay with me, which is what I originally thought that I would do. But, I am terribly homesick for the children, AND think that the benefit of me having 1:1 time with each of them BEFORE we bring "K" home is more beneficial than me hanging out in "U" with "K." She's seen us come and go several times. Every time we've told her we're coming back, and we do. So, this time we'll tell her that we're going, but Mama will come back and take her to America to live with her "forever family" of a Mama, a Papa, and brothers, and sisters. Yes, it will be hard to leave her, but weighing the pos. and neg. of staying here with her, or going home, resting a bit, breathing in the other six for a few days and then coming back - we've determined that going home is the better option.

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:party: I'm so excited to hear this! Praying that all of the paperwork will go smoothly and that the hearts of decision makers will be moved to do what is best for K.


I'm glad to hear you've been able to make a decision about your travel plans. It seems like a wise move. You have many needs and relationships to juggle! I pray that the interim time at home with your children will be refreshing and give you time to "recharge" so you're ready for the road ahead.


Thanks for the update!

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