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  1. Dogs who are acclimated and bred for the outdoors are not necessarily immobile on a chain, trust me. Lots of documentaries showing Alaskan/sled dogs are out there.
  2. 40 minute Zumba dvd. I remembered most of it, forgot what a workout it is, though.
  3. Got in a 10 minute yoga session before bed (day 8/30)
  4. This is my experience so often, too: extra work shifts, family demands derail good intentions. Sometimes I try to measure by a different rubric: time put into relationships is higher value than planned exercise. But usually I'm just frustrated with how large a margin of time I seem to need to accomplish movement.
  5. What's for dinner has become slightly more challenging since the oven bake element burned out. My question for you: how did I just discover stove top biscuits tonight? Fried in margarine in the cast iron, I'm sure they are terribly unhealthy, but oh so much salty goodness!!
  6. 2km dog walk. Fresh snow and ice strips on my boots were helpful, still bit the dust on the ice concealed beneath a couple of times. Leashed dog was placid today and lots of fluffy cushion to the landing so no problem. Gorgeous blue-sky day, happy to get out before the cold weather strikes this coming week.
  7. 30 minute yoga for hips and a bit of lower back
  8. 20 minute full body yoga, intermediate vinyasa
  9. Kombi or Columbia, we always got low end through consignment, thrift, WalMart, sporting good stores. Yes, to the above post, two pairs each. Never owned a boot dryer, hung the wet pairs next to the wood stove to dry.
  10. 20 minute bodyweight circuit. Felt good today.
  11. You should be able to upload a pdf into Google Docs
  12. @lmrich How did the armoire thread come up for you?
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