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  1. 2km daily walk. So much more satisfying lately in hiking boots, rather than snow boots.
  2. Assuming detailed route plan left with someone, and daily check in, sounds good.
  3. 20 minute toning, 10 minute yoga (17/30)
  4. 3km walking today, plus 10 minute yoga (day 16/30)
  5. Got the daily walks done yesterday and today.
  6. Yup, short vaccine supply, hopefully things are rolling along now. We are about halfway through phase 2, high risk population, but that's not a large percentage of the population. With more vaccines approved, and a new plan to go 16 weeks between doses, they hope to have everyone with first shots by summer.
  7. Phone lines opened in our province today for 90+ age group. 1.4 million calls in the first 90 minutes, crashed the system. We don't have anywhere near that many 90+. So you probably can't jump the tiers, but apparently not for lack of trying.
  8. With quite a bit of help, a little free library is now set up at our community hall. 💕 💕 💕
  9. Daily walk in the gorgeous sunshine, 20 minute isometric toning video thingy, finished up with Fitness Marshall Me Too. Thanks sbgrace, I laughed out loud, it was so fun/funny to try.
  10. Canada is definitely behind other G7 nations for vaccine supply, but I'm happy with the roll out plan our province is using, once we actually start making progress. We've had one couple famously trying to jump the queue, but that's it AFAIK. Otherwise, I don't know that it's even possible.
  11. Daily 2 km walk. +11C, windy, nice day! Consistent routine, a bit boring to post about, lol.
  12. 2km daily walk, 10 min yoga (15/30)
  13. 2km daily walk, and bodyweight circuit.
  14. This was the first thought that popped into my head. Catholic for now, moving on to public high school. Completely speculative, of course.
  15. Tried a 30 minute Strength, Cardio, and Pilates Core Workout. I was not entirely able to keep up but it was okay. A little heavy on the pushups. Not that I couldn't use strength, but I have "swimmer's shoulders" and really don't need a ton of that. Maybe a bit too much of a stretch for now, will keep looking.
  16. I believe it is a spider plant that I am currently murdering but I've moved it upstairs and will repot. Fingers crossed. Yes about the grow lights. It is now legal here, up to four plants per household for personal use. I'd probably kill that, too, though.
  17. Yes, I've often thought this house was built and situated with summer in mind. It is nice and shady then. But winter can be long and ideally it would have been placed a little differently for light, other than pesky things like geography and services.
  18. My library has that one! I've requested it, along with Indoor Plant Gardening for Canada, 37 Houseplants Even You Can't Kill, and How Not to Kill Your Houseplant: survival tips for the horticulturaly challenged. ☺️
  19. Just what I am looking for? lol Now that all the kids have moved out, as of 2 weeks ago, I have access to windows with light. Of course, no one goes up there for long periods of time, until we start repurposing the space. I would love plants that can survive down in our actual living space which, with a covered deck to the east, no south facing windows, just north and west windows (the west under a steep rock bluff) sunlight is at a premium. So actual low light. You guys have given some good advice on that front, so thank you.
  20. But truly, it's about the cute pots!! Okay, I will try repotting, thank you for the encouragement.
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