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  1. Nice to see you too. Thanks for the reply. DH and I got out downhill skiing at the little local hill once - all that snow meant they had their best year in a long time. Only child left at home, middle ds, is very proprietary about walking the dogs daily, lol. But I was able to get out once a week with them during the winter while he was off skiing at the large resort down the road. 😀
  2. Snow finally left us, got to try out my new trail runners April 16. (DH insisted I purchase in late December/early January to have something to look forward to re: the winterblues. I thought he was crazy, but am so thankful now when shopping is A Really Big Deal.) I'm working through the same couch to 5K plan as last year but with cancelled Grad plans for DD and no way to visit my aging parents or aging in-laws, I have completed the first 6 runs much faster than I otherwise would have. It feels great. Also started a 30-day Yoga with Kassandra challenge on YouTube, 10 minutes per day, so far
  3. Actually, I take that back. I can't say anyone has specifically called for a complete 2-year lock down of the economy. But when they say nothing can change until there is a vaccine, it certainly comes across that way.
  4. Our prime minister, our federal health officer, our provincial health officer have all made comments to that effect. I could likely dig those up, but honestly it's almost bedtime and I doubt it would lead either one of us to any sort of agreement.
  5. There has absolutely been mention of until there is a vaccine. Absolutely.
  6. YES! We need a more accurate term for that, because there certainly is some crazy stuff floating around.
  7. 💕 I'm so sorry this is such a hard time. I really hate that you are suffering.
  8. This. I was shocked it took as long as it did for things to turn partisan. Didn't let me down though!
  9. Context Stella, I was replying to another post.. Context.
  10. The phrase, "No good deed goes unpunished" must have come from somewhere.
  11. Right. And when someone shares an article from the New York Times or the Washington Post on Facebook, now people are 'getting their news from social media'. So that phrase when used as a slight could probably be retired.
  12. There has been a mostly-false narrative of Millennial vs Boomer. But if you ask college-age people to give up school, work, and all other opportunities for several YEARS so that senior citizens can live long enough to die of something else... of course it's not that simple. But that monstrous theory seems like a real threat, given time.
  13. I read four different articles from credible sources detailing the same press conference from our provincial health officer: two spun it as 'Wow, we may seem some restrictions lifted by mid-May' and two spun it as 'Nothing will change any time soon.' The way journalists filter the news is at least bearable in print. I cannot watch much televised news from any source.
  14. Where do people think news on social media comes from? It comes from the same places as everywhere else. Readers should absolutely assess the source, and actually read the full article, but the headline seen as they are scrolling by is what remains burned into people's thoughts .
  15. I'm frustrated with this sentiment, because how else can you describe a legitimate fear? I know what you're trying to get at, and I can totally see some people doing that. This is more what I am talking about: https://nationalpost.com/news/canada/hidden-death-toll-doctors-say-people-dying-as-they-avoid-ers-due-to-covid-fears
  16. Ok, so when is eventually? When there is a vaccine, in 18 months - 2 years - more? I thought what I read for phased re-opening seemed rational, and fully expect that if cases surge, restrictions will be reapplied. So what's with the push back?
  17. Oh. I had not foreseen that. Hmmm, not sure what to say now. It is a legitimate fear.
  18. I like your I like your cartoon better. If we are successful (and success still means many people suffer illness and die), it is supposed to feel like we overreacted. Right from the start the method promoted has been the hammer and the dance, managing that curve as best we can. The problem I see with the cartoon I shared is it polarizes people. Some have stopped thinking in terms of flattening the curve and begun thinking they can stop the coronovirus, if only we keep the most severe restrictions in place for the longest period of time possible. Any talk of any loosening strikes them
  19. To get back on topic, the closer Canada gets to even discussing even partially reopening, *this* is what is floating around FB. People are absolutely terrified. It is disheartening.
  20. That matches what I'm seeing here. After 5 weeks of shutdown, the provincial govt. is still reluctant to discuss even partially re-opening in two more weeks. They're saying maybe 2 weeks after that, so four more weeks til even a partial reopen. They might have to shovel the people out of their houses at that point, because the fear I'm seeing would suggest you won't get people participating at much more than 50% levels, regardless.
  21. I agree about the PPE and testing, but what I've read right from the start said that this was going to managed with a run of opening things up and shutting them back down. It's like cleaning house when the kids are little - you are going to have to do it again, there is no way to do it so right it won't need to be done again.
  22. They are the size of many European countries. Apples to oranges. ETA: I see this was addressed well by others earlier on. Nothing to see here...
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