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  1. You know those cute little plants you buy at the grocery store/gift shop/craft fair? They are in a plastic tub inside a cute little metal container. I just kill those. They don't really drain. The plant still looks dry, but the soil is submerged with the least amount of water. So I bought the spray bottle, but I don't know. I think I've tortured my latest victim beyond recovery.
  2. I've had outdoor flowers for the past three summers and done pretty well! I think I need to stop buying (or getting gifted) houseplants with no tags. I can't even search for help since I have no idea what they are. Well wait actually, with today's technology I probably could. Huh.
  3. So there's hope? That is good news. Thank you! Watering spike? Yeah, I have a timer set on my phone for Sunday afternoons. After I water, they still seem too dry yet they also seem to be sitting in too much water. I bought a spray bottle for misting. I use either bottled water or outside tap water, not our softened water because I'm certain that is way too salty. I will persist with the two still clinging to life, fingers crossed. Any other tips welcome!!
  4. But I don't have to dust real plants. Hmm, not sure which is worse now.
  5. But they look so pretty on everyone else's instagram!
  6. Are there any reformed house plant killers here? Do you have any tips or tricks, advice on how to successfully change? 🌿
  7. 2km walk, 10 min yoga (14/30) Add me to the reluctant participant roster.
  8. Thanks for the replies. I did get my daily 2km walk in.
  9. How long is it taking y'all to walk these miles?
  10. Well yes, but with Marxism some folks are more equal than others, so there's that. Really, if you're trying to set up conditions for a proletariat revolution, heightening inequality creates the problem for which you have the solution. Like advertising: create a problem, sell your solution. I'm not subscribing to this theory, just saying it's not 100% implausible.
  11. Daily 2km walk, bodyweight circuit.
  12. Daily 2km walk, 20 minutes toning. Need to buy heavier weights.
  13. Daily 2km walk. 20 minute total body yoga (intermediate vinyasa). Too many down dogs too close to eating maybe, felt quite queasy afterwards. Hate that.
  14. The fact that some of you can't see the similarities in language that SKL pointed out is ... baffling. She is not "on the other side". Maintaining credibility would be helped by less defensiveness and more acknowledgement of inherent reality - essentially adding some nuance to your speaking points. ETA: I don't think I'm communicating all that clearly. To rephrase, a couple of Corraleno's posts acknowledge that medically fragile people are likely to expire of health issues unrelated to the vaccine, yet that reality has been wholesale rejected when brought up wrt the virus. I think a year'
  15. 2km walk. Pardon me while I shout THE WEATHER WAS GORGEOUS!!! SUN!!! 😄 Plus 10 minute yoga (13/30)
  16. When I see that in Walmart or wherever, I assume the person is genuinely struggling and move along. As you point out, location matters. In a care facility? Find a way to wear PPE correctly when and where you need to. Period. I do feel the general public would have better compliance allowing face shields for those who struggle rather than insisting on masks. It cannot be worse, in lower risk settings, than pulled down under the nose, constantly being fussed with, thus 'contaminating' hands. What's that saying about recycling? We need millions of people doing it imperfectly, rather than one pe
  17. 2km walk. I want to do a bit of yoga tonight, but haven't been going to bed early enough. I'm crabby and tired. I have a couple of good books, might try to tuck myself in a little earlier instead.
  18. 2km walk, 20 minute yoga (intermediate power yoga)
  19. 2 km walk, 20 minute toning workout
  20. 1km dog walk, gorgeous day, snow conditions lovely! 10 minute yoga (11/30)
  21. Dogs on chains or in small dog runs are not necessarily immobile. I'm not sure how there could be any comprehension issue there. But carry on.
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