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  1. When mature topics are given to younger age groups, I don't think it follows that homeschoolers are behind. Given the critical thinking level of a good chunk of that age group, it would seem to be more a way of transmitting social viewpoints as outlined in government learning objectives.
  2. I've seen it a couple times. I think your take on it could make an excellent topic for your son's assignment; i.e. does it reflect true colonialism? Has colonialism ever just been resource extraction, or has the invading culture always diffused and overriden the pre-existing group? The movie suffered from some lazy writing (Unobtanium, really?), but I actually kinda liked it. It's worth seeing, imo. My family members disagree, lol.
  3. I leave tea bags in the sink bottom for a short while then toss. Garbage cans need to be cleaned out from time to time, c'est la vie.
  4. Some poetic person has surely once said they had lost their composure, but it doesn't have the same flavour. 😛 My disposition is turbulent? I have zero chill might work. My mood is wretchedly miserable?
  5. Only read the book. It was looooong.
  6. This is from our provincial website: For me to be comfortable I might add a fourth factor that would make phase 4 possible: namely the virus losing its severity and becoming more flu like, as was mentioned earlier in the thread.
  7. I got mine a few years ago at a consignment sports store. Not sure how restrictions vary from place to place, and assuming if store are sold out, consignment stores likely are too?
  8. Some styles of water bottles or milk jugs filled with sand would be easier to grip.
  9. I am going to be a MIL! That is all.

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  10. My knees hyperextend, part of a range of issues I'm working on. I've had discomfort with too many warrior poses (perhaps it's the transitions?) and have had to train myself not to sink too deeply into the poses. I suspect my hip joint hyper extends, too. The focus in yoga used to be so much on downward dog, now it seems to be on hip opening stretches. These were little eye-openers for me, linking loose ligaments generally: hyperextended knees, pelvic tilt, plantar fasciitis, tight calves, weak ankles: https://www.elliehermanpilates.com/ellies-blog/2017/11/20/how-to-help-hyperextension-i
  11. Same problem, Pinterest search and then browsing until I found a similar arrangement helped me.
  12. Yup, you can search up physical therapy videos on YouTube for plantar fasciitis and calf stretches are in there. I like Dr. Jo's stuff. I've added some stretches and exercises for plantar fasciitis and snapping hip syndrome (self-diagnosed, no IRL appts. this spring anyway) right after my body weight HIIT circuit once a week. Just added in some glute strengthening balance work (PT video I stumbled across on FB) a few other times a week.
  13. I have high arches and one foot is, not uncommonly, slightly bigger than the other. I have had to search up different techniques for lacing my shoes to avoid foot pain. I can tell if I pull the laces too tight, for sure!
  14. Yup, we have a small house with open closets (there were no closets when we moved in). While roasted veggies and bacon smell so good at the time, grabbing a coat to head out the door and finding that lingering odor is a nuisance... and the reason I have a teeny perfume spray bottle in my purse!
  15. Congratulations on your scholarship! Fantastic achievement, with more success to come I'm sure.
  16. Cream cheese! Totally forgot that one.
  17. Pretty conservative for cheese, but still adds up to a few: shredded mozza, medium cheddar block, shaved parmesan, and then ricotta or feta as required. Christmas/New Year's there are often some others.
  18. Bunny trail: Does your book group work differently now? I'd love to hear how that is running.
  19. I could have written a fairly similar post for my dd. I really, really get it.
  20. Not for college, but I bought my dd 2 so one could be washed and hung to dry while she wore the other. (blushing) Perhaps I have taken frugality and minimalism a bit too far? I was thinking I'd buy more once we see how comfortable this style is, then adjust if needed. Honest!
  21. Got in my 12th trail run today, completing week 4 of Couch to 5K in 5 weeks - much faster than last year. Got word last week that our local half-marathon trail run for the end of August was cancelled. Even though not unexpected, it was still really deflating. I ran my first 5 km there last year and was hoping to come in much better prepared this year. It's so nice when there's a goal in the background. Finished day 30 of the 30-day Yoga with Kassandra challenge last night. Not sure what to do this evening... probably just start over again.
  22. This year I've made sure to do one of the 10-minute yoga sessions at some point after my run, and it seems to make the difference in not stiffening up. Well, the new shoes sure can't hurt either. :-)
  23. Cow legs pose seems to do me more harm than good, for sure. ETA: Or is it cow face pose? Either way, I lock right up.
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